Sky Fan

The Rangers had been battling Tooya and the Moogers with their Spin Swords and having a difficult time.  Red Ranger tells them we can do this together.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword transforms into Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers with the Fire Smasher.  The rest of the Rangers watch him for a moment.  Yellow Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger agrees, but tells them there is too many of them.  We got to help him out.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger charge into battle.  Blue Ranger battles several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle and defeat her batch of Moogers.  Yellow Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to destroy his batch of Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed, but Tooya is still there.  Tooya tries to blast Red Ranger, but he protects himself with the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes and kicks Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with the Fire Smasher hard enough to send him flying.  Tooya crashes into a car and falls to the pavement.  Tooya gets up and tells Red Ranger, guess what?  Your ride is here!  Tooya smashes through a window of the car, reaches in, and sends the car in Red Ranger's direction.  Red Ranger slices the car in half with his Fire Smasher.  The car explodes behind him.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya with his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with his Fire Smasher a couple of times.  He then picks up Tooya with the Fire Smasher and races along, until he smashes him into a wall.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya again with the Fire Smasher.  Tooya is defeated.  The Fire Smasher reverts back to the Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, great moves.  You really are a master samurai.  Red Ranger thanks him.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, they are not done.  Each Nighlok has two forms.  You saw the first, get set for the mega monster.  Sure enough, Tooya grows into mega monster mode.  The Rangers summon their zords and eventually destroy Tooya with their zords.

Scorpionic and several Moogers were attacking Panorama City.  Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord flies in and attack Scorpionic.  Scorpionic tries to shoo Lion zord away.  Scorpionic:  "You buzzing tin can!"  Lion Folding Zord lands on Jayden's hand.  Scorpionic notices the five teens.  Scorpionic:  "Who's this?"  Mia, Emily, Mike, Kevin, and Jayden did not reply.  All:  "Samuraizers!  Go Go Samurai!"  The five teens morph.  All:  "Samurai Rangers Ready!  Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!"  The Samurai Power Rangers face down Scorpionic and the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  Scorpionic:  "Attack!"  The Moogers race towards the Samurai Power Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "Let's roll!"  The Power Rangers race towards the Moogers.  Soon the Rangers are fighting the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  They do well against the Moogers, but there are a lot of them.  Blue Ranger:  "Hydro Bow!"  Blue Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Hydro Bow.  Blue Ranger eliminates several Moogers with the Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger:  "Sky Fan!"  Pink Ranger defeats several Moogers with her Sky Fan. Green Ranger:  "Forest Spear!"  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to battle and destroys several Moogers.  Red Ranger :  "Fire Smasher!"  Red Ranger uses his Fire Smasher as he battles and destroys a batch of Moogers.  Red Ranger:  "Hate to smash and dash, but...Red Ranger notices an explosion and runs over to check it out.  It's Scorpionic, still destroying buildings with his tail.  Scorpionic:  "There goes the neighborhood!"  Red Ranger runs up to him and tries to hit him with his Fire Smasher, instead the Fire Smasher gets caught in Scorpionic's sword.  Eventually Red Ranger is able to free his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles Scorpionic with his Fire Smasher.  A short distance away, Yellow Ranger is battling a group of Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Yellow Ranger throws her Earth Slicer, and it destroys each Mooger it hits.  But it continues and hits Red Ranger.  Scorpionic:  "Wow!  Crunch time!"  Scorpionic takes advantage of the distraction and strikes Red Ranger hard.  Red Ranger goes flying, hits a building, and slides down to the ground.  His Spin Sword lands a distance away from him.  Yellow Ranger:  "Oh no!"  Yellow Ranger feels awful and she runs over to check on Red Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  "I hit you by mistake!"  Scorpionic is about to strike.  Scorpionic:  "Bye bye Ranger!"  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger see what is about to happen.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily!"  Blue Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Yellow Ranger stands protectively in front of Red Ranger as the rest of the Rangers reach them.  Yellow Ranger:  "Jayden, I'll cover you!"  Scorpionic"  "Whirlwind side attack!"  The attack hits Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger and they demorph as they hit the ground.  Scorpionic:  "There.  Beating them is like taking candy from a baby."  Scorpionic laughs as he walks away.  Red Ranger struggles as he stands back up.  Red Ranger:  "We must stand and be strong.  Either we will defeat the Nighlok or we will be defeated.  Understood?"  Red Ranger falls down to his knees.  Mia, Mike, and Kevin all struggle to get up.  Mike:  "Yeah, yeah, I know."  Mia, Mike, and Kevin continue to struggle to get up.  Emily lays face down and barely moves.  She makes a groaning sound.  Mia:  "Emily!"  Mia goes over to Emily.  Mia:  "Are you okay?!"  Red Ranger goes over to the two.  Red Ranger:  "Mia, stay with her.  There's a girl left behind.  I must save her."  Still struggling, Red Ranger walks towards his Spin Sword and pulls it out of the rubble.  Emily:  "Don't worry about me.  Go help the Red Ranger."  Red Ranger suddenly charges towards Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Scorpionic:  "You?!"  Red Ranger and Scorpionic battle once more.  The young girl, Hannah, stays hidden and watches them.  Red Ranger strikes Scorpionic and he goes flying.  Scorpionic lands on the rubble hard.  Red Ranger quickly runs over to Hannah.  Red Ranger:  "Don't worry, we will protect you."  The girl's mother appears and yells for Hannah.  Red Ranger takes Hannah to her mother.  Mike and Kevin manage to stand up.  Mia helps Emily up.  The mother takes Hannah away.  Scorpionic is furious.  Red Ranger and Scorpionic face each other.  Mike tells his friends, you got to admit, that dude has style.  Scorpionic and Red Ranger charge towards each other with their weapons drawn.  Emily walks a little apart from her friends.  Emily tells them, he is able to stay so focus on defeating evil.  I only hope I'm up to the challenge.  Scorpionic and Red Ranger continue to battle.  Scorpionic knocks Red Ranger down.  Scorpionic prepares another whirlwind attack.  Mia, Emily, Mike, and Kevin morph.  The four Rangers charge forward with their Spin Swords.  Scorpionic launches his whirlwind attack, but it misses the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards Scorpionic.  Red Ranger is the first to strike Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger strikes Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Pink Ranger is next to strike Scorpionic with her Spin Sword.  Then Green Ranger strikes Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Yellow Ranger is the last to strike Scorpionic with her Spin Sword.  The four Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Blue Rangers asks, what now?  Red Ranger replies, our Spin Swords will turn him into dust.  With their Spin Sword, the Rangers use the quintuple slash to defeat Scorpionic.  Moments later, Scorpionic goes into megamonster mode.  Eventually Scorpionic is destroyed by the Samurai Megazord.      

Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger were battling Doubletone in the woods.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger arrived with their Spin Swords and struck Doubletone with it.  Doubletone:  Where did you three come from?  The Rangers gathered together.  Blue Ranger:  Jayden!  Red Ranger informed them they arrived as soon as the Gap Sensor went off.  Doubletone summon several Moogers.  The Moogers appeared from beneath the ground. The Rangers were battling Doubletone in the woods.  Doubletone summon several Moogers.  The Moogers appeared from beneath the ground.  Yellow Ranger battled them with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger battles the Moogers with his Forest Spear.  Red Ranger used his Fire Smasher to battle and destroy several more Moogers.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger use their Spin Swords and battle the Moogers until they are destroyed.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger face down Doubletone.  Pink Ranger placed a disc into her Spin Sword and transform it into the Sky Fan.  Blue Ranger did the same to his Spin Sword to transform it to Hydro Bow.  Doubletone uses his super tsunami attack against the two.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger defeated the attack with their Sky Fan and Hydro Bow.  The two Rangers also defeat Doubletone with their weapons.  Doubletone returns giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and form the Samurai Megazord.  Doubletone is destroyed by the Samurai Megazord.

Negatron was attacking the city for the second time.  Soon the Power Rangers arrive.  Negatron is only concern with the Yellow Ranger, as she was the only one not affected by Negatron's insults in an earlier battle.  Negatron summons several Moogers to keep the rest of the Rangers busy.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle several Moogers.  Another group of  Moogers battle Red Ranger as he uses his Fire Smasher against them.  Blue Ranger used his Hydro Bow against the Moogers.  Another set of Moogers were battling Green Ranger as he used his Forest Spear against them.  The Moogers kept the four Rangers busy as Negatron battled Yellow Ranger.  Eventually the Moogers were defeated.  Later, Negatron was destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

The Rangers had been battling Desperaino with their Spin Swords.  Desperaino blasts the Rangers with his weapon and they all hit the pavement.  The Rangers are getting back up.  Blue Ranger:  Mia, we have to use the new discs.  Blue Ranger placed the Swordfish disc onto his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger:  Right!  Pink Ranger held the Beetle disc in her hand, along with her Sky Fan.  Desperaino:  No!  Wrong as rain!  Desperaino uses his weapon to blast them.  The blast hits the Beetle disc and it flies through the air.  Green Ranger leaps up and catches it.  Pink Ranger runs up to Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  Wow, good catch.  Pink Ranger holds out her hand for the Beetle Disc.  Instead Green Ranger places the Beetle disc onto his Forest Spear.  Pink Ranger:  What are you doing?  Blue Ranger runs up to them.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, stop!  You're not ready!  Desperaino:  This is No fun.  I'll come back to fight when you're not fighting yourselves.  Desperaino uses the propeller on top of his head to fly up into the sky.  Red Ranger:  Guys, stop it!  Get him now!  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger raced forward.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, come on!  Blue Ranger fires several times with the Hydro Bow.  Green Ranger cannot make the Forest Spear work.  Desperaino:  It must make you sad to be so lame.  Desperaino flies away.  Blue Ranger was very frustrated.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, what were you thinking?!  Green Ranger:  I just wanted help.  Later, the Rangers battle Desperaino again.  Desperaino is destroyed by Samurai Battlewing.

The previous day, the Rangers had battle Splitface.  Splitface has the ability to take people's spirits.  During the battle, he had taken Emily's spirit.  Splitface informed them that if they defeat him within twenty-four hours, they could release the spirits.  But Splitface planned on hiding out in the Netherworld during that time.  Splitface entered the gap.  The next day, Mike was at a loss on how to help Emily.  He had gone back to the city and challenged the Nighlok by striking the gap several times with his Spin Sword.  Mia and Kevin arrived and helped him calm down.  Jayden ran over, but stop in his tracks by the appearance of Deker.  Deker wanted to duel, but saw it was not the time.  He informed the teens that they could enter the gap if they willingly gave themselves to the Nighlok.  Deker left and the four teens were about to enter the gap when Antonio raced up.  He had a better idea.  With the help of the Spin Swords and Antonio's morpher, they were able to activate Clawzord.  With Clawzord activated, Splitface was pulled back to the city.  Clawzord strikes Splitface and he hits a wall and lands on the pavement.  Splitface asks, what's going on?  Splitface glances at Clawzord and asks what is that?  Antonio answers, my buddy Clawzord.  And he's new in town.  Splitface is confused, but I was in the Netherworld.  How did you get me here?  Antonio answers once more.  It's simple.  When we came in contact, I mark you with a symbol.  The same symbol I've been working with to program the Clawzord.  Splitface is stunned.  What?!  You marked me!  Antonio replies, yeah, and after I finished programming Clawzord, I just needed the other Rangers to help me activate it.  Once we did that, I knew you would be drawn out of the Netherworld just like a magnet.  And it worked like a charm.  Splitface is outrage.  I refuse to believe you can beat me like this.  No! No! No!  Mike tells him to shut up.  You're going to pay for what you did to Emily.  Mia adds, it's time to end this.  Kevin tells Splitface, we're going to take back every spirit you have stolen.  Jayden concludes, enough talk and pulls out his Samuraizer.  Antonio pulls out his morpher and declares, it's time to light you up!  Splitface prepares to blast them.  Mia, Mike, Antonio, Jayden, and Kevin morph.  The Rangers leap through the blast.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade against Splitface.  Splitface calls out body swarm, but nothing happens.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  He wonders why he can't do the body swarm.  Gold Ranger tells him to get with the program.  You've been marked.  Splitface tells the Rangers he is marking all of them for demolition.  Green Ranger tells Splitface it's time to pay.  Splitface replies, no it's not.  Splitface leaps away.  Blue Ranger declares you won't get away this time!  Blue Ranger uses his Hydro Bow against Splitface.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan.  Both weapons hit Splitface and knocked him back down to the pavement.  Green Ranger charges with his Forest Spear and strikes Splitface with it.  Red Ranger charges towards Splitface with his Fire Smasher and strikes Splitface with it.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  The Rangers are thrilled, but the moment doesn't last long.  Splitface goes into mega monster mode.  Pink Ranger notes without Emily, they can't combine into a Megazord.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, leave it to me.  Clawzord and I will close this deal.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and enters Clawzord.  Clawzord battles Splitface.  Splitface summons several giant Moogers.  Clawzord goes into Claw Battlezord mode and battles the Moogers, but he soon needs help.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger form  Samurai Battlewing and fire at the Moogers and then fly away.  Claw Battlezord battles and destroys the Moogers and Splitface.  With the destruction of Splitface, the spirits are released back to the citizens and Emily.

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