Black Box

The Black Box is a magic talisman created by the first Red Ranger.  It is said it can unite the symbol power of all Rangers into one.  But the Black Box was never finished.  Many have tried, but none have had the skill and power to complete it.  The Black has been protected for generations by the guardians of the Tengen Gate.  Mentor Ji thought, with the Sanzu River seeping into Panorama City, it was time to get the Black Box and to try and finish it.  It was decided Antonio would be the one to finish it.  Kevin, Emily, Mia, Mike, and Jayden headed off for the Tengen Gate to get the Black Box.  They were greeted by Daisuke, the elder guardian, who had been improved of their arrival by Mentor Ji.  Inside, Daisuke presented the Black Box.  The Black Box is considered the most powerful Samurai weapon ever conceived.  Few even know of it's existence.  Jayden picked up the Black Box and thanked Daisuke.  Jayden vowed he would protect it with his life.

Antonio worked hard on trying to get all the power symbols into the Black Box.  At times he felt light headed, but he kept pushing through.  Eventually he got the Black Box formatted, now it was time for the power symbols.  Antonio used his Samurai Morpher as he worked on the Black Box.  It was draining, but he managed to get Dragon Zord locked in.  Next he worked on yellow, but it was too much for him.  Plus the rest of the Rangers were in the city battling and Jayden was missing.  With Mentor Ji's consent, Antonio left to find Jayden.  Later, the two Rangers joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle and destroyed the Moogers.

The Tengen Gate


Boxed In