Gosei Great Grand Megazord

The Rangers were battling Shadow Serpent with Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.  Shadow Serpent opens it's mouth and blasts both megazords.  The megazords break apart and fall to the ground.  Shadow Serpent comments, you're barely a light snack now.  He blasts all the zords.  Dragon Mechazord avoids the blasts as it flies towards Shadow Serpent  Lion Mechazord charges towards Shadow Serpent as well.  Lion Mechazord notes even if he has the advantage of size, our combined power can still prevail.  All the mechazords blasts Shadow Serpent.  The Rangers receive a new power card - Gosei Great Grand Megazord power card.  Lion Mechazord notes it's a reward for working together.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord is activated and formed.  Red Ranger states, let's hit this guy where the sun don't shine.  Shadow Serpent replies, bring it on!  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger launch their land lance attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Blue Ranger launches his sea spike attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit with several tides of water.  Shadow Serpent screams, what are you doing?!  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger launch their sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit several times with the sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent warns them that he can still steal their shadows.  As long as the light still shines, I will not be defeated.  Red Ranger responds, then it's time to put your lights out.  The Rangers activate their victory charge for Gosei Great Grand Megazord.  Shadow Serpent is hit and destroyed.

The Rangers had battled and defeated Dream Snatcher.  Moments later, several Zombats arrived and Dream Snatcher was now giant size.  The Rangers summon their mechazords, along with the Sky Brothers zords.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  The Knight Brothers zords arrive and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Dream Snatcher fights Gosei Grand Megazord with his giant fork.  Dream Snatcher tries to get the dreams out of Sky Megazord.  Instead the fork stays stuck no matter how hard Dream Snatcher pulls.  Yellow Ranger comments, this guy has a one track mind.  Blue Ranger adds, and he's on the wrong track.  Black Ranger tells Dream Snatcher, you're about to be derailed, permanently.  Sky Megazord knocks the fork away and leaps into the air before landing powerful kicks against Dream Snatcher.  Sky Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord fired their headers.  Dream Snatcher is struck several times.  Pink Ranger states, it's because of hopes and dreams that people can reach their goals.  You monsters know nothing but evil and destruction.  That's why you'll never beat us.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord destroys Dream Snatcher with their victory charge.  

Man And Machine/Dream Snatcher