Gosei Great Megazord

The Gosei Shark Mechazord, along with Dragon Mechazord, Snake Mechazord, Phoenix Mechazord, and Tiger Mechazord, were encased in stone on an island.  They stayed that way for years.  When Earth became under attack by Admiral Malkor and his army, Gosei had gathered five teens to become the Megaforce Power Rangers.  The Rangers had been in a battle with Yuffo and thought they had defeated him with the Megaforce Blaster, when Zombats arrived and instead Yuffo grew to giant size.  The Rangers did not know what to do.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them, there are even greater powers at your command.  But controlling them requires great skill and discipline.  The Mechazords were sent and the battle continued, but it was not enough.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them they must combine their mechazords, just as you combined your weapons.  The power you can unleashed as a team is without equal.  Form the Megazord!  Red Ranger shouts, you heard him!  Form the Gosei Great Megazord!  The Rangers place the Power Cards into the morphers and activate the Megazord sequence.  The zords combine together and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Black Ranger is very impressed with the cockpit.  Pink Ranger is relieved she didn't crash.  Yellow Ranger states, now we'll really kick butt.  Red Ranger is ready to finish this guy.  Gosei Great Megazord walks towards Yuffo.  Yuffo immediately begins firing at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Yuffo with it's dragon sword.  Yuffo and Gosei Great Megazord strike each other several times.  Red Ranger gives the command, disarm the zords!  The zords are released.  Shark Mechazord and Phoenix Mechazord strike Yuffo with a mega punch.  Snake Mechazord and Tiger zord strike Yuffo with a mega kick.  After a few more strikes, the zords reassemble onto Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord flies into the air and points it's dragon sword towards Yuffo.  Gosei tells the Rangers, use the Victory Charge card.  Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this!  The Rangers insert their Power Cards.  Gosei Great Megazord uses the Victory Charge strike.  Yuffo exclaims, I don't like this card game!  Gosei Great Megazord uses it's mega strike.  Yuffo is destroyed.  Red Ranger declares, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!

The Rangers had been battling Virox and defeated him with the Megaforce Blaster.  Several Zombats arrived and Virox is quickly revived and giant size.  Virox:  "This virus just became ten times stronger!"  Red Ranger:  "Gosei mechazords activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon the zords!"    The mechazords arrive and the Rangers leap inside them.  Gosei:  "Gosei Great Megazord Activate!"  The Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord and Virox face each other.  Virox charges towards Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord blocks him with it's sword.  Virox bats the sword away.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Virox with the sword, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes dragon sword can't destroy it's shell.  Virox yanks the sword away.  Virox strikes Gosei Great Megazord several times with the dragon sword.  The Rangers have a difficult time as the Gosei Great Megazord takes a beating and drops to it's knees.  Virox is about to strike Gosei Great Megazord again when Blue Ranger stops him by catching the dragon sword in Shark mechazord's mouth.  Virox yells, you can't get it back from me!  I'm stronger than you!  Blue Ranger replies, it's not about muscles.  It's about believing in yourself.  If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!  Suddenly Blue Ranger's belt buckle glows and a new Power Card appears.  It's the Power Card for the Sea Brother Zords.  Blue Ranger informs the rest that it's a new set of zords.  Blue Ranger activates the Sea Brothers Zords.  Manta Zord, Hammerhead Zord, and Sawshark Zord spring from the ocean and fly into the city.  The three zords fire at Virox.  Virox releases the dragon sword and Gosei Great Megazord has it back.  Hammerhead Zord, Sawshark Zord, and Manta Zord attached themselves to Gosei Great Megazord to form Sea Megazord.  Virox yells at Sea Megazord, I'm not afraid of sharks.  Blue Ranger replies, and we're not afraid of bugs!  Blue Ranger has Sea Megazord scan Virox.  Sea Megazord and Virox fight.  Sea Megazord strikes Virox several times using each of the new zords for the blows.  Virox turns his back towards Sea Megazord to protect itself.  Sea Megazord strikes Virox's back with it's sword, but nothing happens.  Virox turns back around.  Virox gloats, nothing can destroy a virus like me.  Blue Ranger is ready to test that theory.  Blue Ranger pulls out the Victory Charge Power Card and activates it.  Blue Ranger instructs Sawshark Zord, Manta Zord, and Hammerhead Zord to crush this virus.  The three zords strikes Virox several more times and Virox is destroyed. 

Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were battling Dragonflay.  They had just defeated him when Red Ranger joined them.  Red Ranger had been battling Creepox, but Creepox retreated.  Quickly several Zombats arrived and Dragonflay was revived and giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their mechazords.  Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed.  Dragonflay brags, I'm bigger and stronger.  You'll never catch me now!  Dragonflay takes off at high speed.  Pink Ranger wonders where he went.  Dragonflay races around the Gosei Great Megazord and lands several strikes.  Dragonflay laughs and tells them it's hopeless.  Dragonflay takes off.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, we're moving way too slow.  To beat this bug, we're going to need to be quicker.  Red Ranger then confesses that he is exhausted.  He tells them they need to take over.  Yellow Ranger reassures Red Ranger, that they got this.  Yellow Ranger tells Black Ranger that our zords control the Megazord's feet.  This is our show.  Let's see what they can do.  Black Ranger is ready.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay at great speed.  Dragonflay is very surprise to see how fast Gosei Great Megazord caught up to him.  Black Ranger launches Snake zord.  Snake zord strikes Dragonflay at his knees.  Dragonflay has to stop to remove Snake zord and tosses Snake zord aside.  Dragonflay takes off once more.  Black Ranger can't believe how fast Dragonflay is.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay again.  Gosei Great Megazord almost catches up to Dragonflay.  Dragonflay starts firing at the Megazord.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are determined to get Dragonflay.  Suddenly there is a glow and two Power Cards float up.  Gosei informs them, these new cards will increase the pulsation power of your Megazord.  Black Ranger notes, these will really speed us up.  Yellow Ranger adds, new zords, new speed.  The Power Card is for the Land Brothers Zords.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger activate the zords.  The Land Brothers Zords are the Dino, Beetle, and Rhino zords.  Black Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, I knew you and I would make a great couple.  Yellow Ranger responds, don't get any ideas.  Land Megazord is then activated as the three zords attach themselves to the Megazord.  Dragonflay takes a panic look behind him and notes he is getting nowhere fast.  The Land Megazord races after Dragonflay.  Dragonflay tries to stay ahead of Land Megazord.  Land Megazord quickly catches up to Dragonflay.  Land Megazord head butts Dragonflay, knocking him off his feet.  Dragonflay struggles to stand back up.  Land Megazord then uses it's dino kick to strike Dragonflay.  Black Ranger notes, there is nowhere to run now.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger activate the Victory Charge Power Cards.  The victory charge land destroys Dragonflay.  Yellow Ranger shouts, Mega Rangers that's a Mega Win!

Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger defeated Beezara with their Mega Blasters.  Several Zombats arrived and soon Beezara was giant size.    The Rangers summon their mechazords.  Beezara taunts the Rangers by telling them they will never destroy her!  Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed.  Beezara walks towards Gosei Great Megazord and states, this is going to sting a little as she jabs Gosei Great Megazord with her tentacle.  Gosei Great Megazord punches Beezara.  Beezara tells them, brute force is such an ugly way to win a fight.  Beezara wraps her tendrils around Gosei Great Megazord and binds it.  Beezara states, my venom is not just for humans, you lump of metal!  Beezara shoots her venom at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord is hit hard and several explosions take place within it.  Pink Ranger declares, we need help!  Red Ranger agrees and calls on the Sky Brothers Zords.  Red Ranger activates the three zords.  Hawk Zord, Ptera Zord, and Crow Zord arrive and immediately strike Beezara several times.  They also manage to cut the bindings from Gosei Great Megazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  Sky Megazord flies straight towards Beezara.  Beezara shoots her venom but misses.  Sky Megazord strikes Beezara and then lands on the ground.  Sky Megazord lands several punches onto Beezara.  Sky Megazord fires at Beezara.  Pink Ranger states, we'll show her...Yellow Ranger finishes, that best friends stick together!  Pink Ranger adds, forever!  The Rangers active the Victory Charge.  Sky Megazord takes to the sky once more.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger state, we girls, know the true power of friendship.  Red Ranger stops them and adds, and guys.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue, will bring your reign of hate and evil to an end!  Beezara is destroyed by Sky Megazord's victory charge.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger they did great.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger state, united we stand, divided we fall.

The Rangers battled Dizchord and defeated him.  Within moments, Dizchord became giant size.  The Rangers summoned their zords.  When the mechazords arrive, the Rangers leap into them.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's end this jam session once and for all.  Dizchord warns them to get ready, cause this encore will knock you to the floor.  Dizchord begins playing his guitar.  Gosei Dragon has a tough time.  The music is affecting Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger flies Gosei Phoenix over and fires at Dizchord.  Dizchord is hit hard.  Red Ranger thanks Pink Ranger.  Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Dizchord tells them, so you don't get my rhythm, fine!  My instrument is going to hit you!  Dizchord plays his guitar and explosions take place around Gosei Great Megazord.  Dizchord charges forward and strikes Gosei Great Megazord.  He comments, now this is hard hitting music as he lands several more punches on Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes back.  Dizchord takes several steps back and begins to play his guitar again.  Red Ranger summons Dragon Sword.  Dragon Sword knocks the music waves out.  Pink Ranger suggests they fight music with music.  The headers are released and they strikes Dizchord several times.  The headers return to Gosei Great Megazord.  Red Ranger tells them, now let's turn up the heat.  The dragon header releases fire towards Dizchord.  The Rangers activate victory charge.  Dizchord is destroyed once he is hit with the victory charge.

Red Ranger had defeated Creepox.  Jake, Gia, and Emma had come up to see the ending of the battle.  After helping Noah to his feet, Noah had been defeated earlier, they joined Red Ranger and congratulate him. No one sees Vrak above them.  Vrak sends in the Zombats to revive Creepox.  Within moments, Creepox is giant size. Creepox gloats, I'm even stronger now.  Jake, Gia, Noah, and Emma morph.  The Rangers summon their mechazords.  The mechazords arrive and Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed.  Red Ranger exclaims, let's shut him down!  Creepox tells them, you thought I was mad before, watch what I can do when I'm really get mad!  Red Ranger tells his team, let's stay calm and focus and we can defeat him again.  Creepox and Gosei Great Megazord fight.  Blue Ranger notes, he's stronger than ever.  Creepox strikes Gosei Great Megazord several times.  Then Creepox uses his galaxy meteorite shock against Gosei Great Megazord.  It hits Gosei Great Megazord hard and it falls to the ground.  Creepox laughs.  Black Ranger notes, we need more power.  Red Ranger agrees and contacts Gosei.  A bright light fills the cockpit of the Megazord.  Creepox notices the light as well.  What is going on?  Red Ranger asks Gosei, what's happening? Gosei contacts Troy and tells him, do not doubt yourself.  You have proven to me that you are ready for a new power to be unlocked.  The time has come for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Red Ranger thanks Gosei.  We won't disappoint you.  The power card for Ultra Gosei Great Megazord appears.  With the card, they can call all their zords.  Red Ranger activates the power card.  All the zords arrive and immediately fire at Creepox.  Gosei Great Megazord releases it's headers and the headers join the rest of the headers.  The headers then attached themselves to the Megazord. Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Creepox states, the bigger you get, the harder you will fall.  Creepox releases another of his galaxy meteorite shocks.  It misses Ultra Gosei Great Megazord as it walks towards Creepox.  Red Ranger tells his team, look for openings in his defense.  Creepox and Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fight.  Once at a close range, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's headers at Creepox.  Hit hard, Creepox takes several steps backwards.  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord then deals it's victory charge, ultra mega strike, and Creepox is hit.  As he goes down, Creepox tells them, they may have won this battle, but you won't win the war against the insectoids.  Creepox is destroyed.

Using Troy's plan, Robo Knight battled and defeated Shadow Serpent.  Soon the Zombats arrived and Shadow Serpent grows to giant size.  Robo Knight tells the rest of the Rangers, together we will stop him.  Excited, Yellow Ranger asks Red Ranger if he heard that?  Black Ranger adds, good job man.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers have also been activated and they arrive quickly.  Gosei Grand Megazord is activated and quickly formed.  The rest of the Rangers summon their zords and quickly leap inside them.  Gosei Great Megazord is activated and formed.  Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord face down Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent comments, you know what they say?  The bigger they are, the better they are for shis kebab.  Shadow Serpent charges towards the two Megazords with a spear in each hand.  Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord fight Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent strikes Gosei Grand Megazord with one of the spears.  Both megazords simultaneously land a punch on Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent strikes both of the megazords with it's tail.  Shadow Serpent opens it's mouth and blasts both megazords.  The megazords break apart and fall to the ground.  Shadow Serpent comments, you're barely a light snack now.  He blasts all the zords.  Dragon Mechazord avoids the blasts as it flies towards Shadow Serpent  Lion Mechazord charges towards Shadow Serpent as well.  Lion Mechazord notes even if he has the advantage of size, our combined power can still prevail.  All the mechazords blasts Shadow Serpent.  The Rangers receive a new power card - Gosei Great Grand Megazord power card.  Lion Mechazord notes it's a reward for working together.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord is activated and formed.  Red Ranger states, let's hit this guy where the sun don't shine.  Shadow Serpent replies, bring it on!  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger launch their land lance attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Blue Ranger launches his sea spike attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit with several tides of water.  Shadow Serpent screams, what are you doing?!  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger launch their sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit several times with the sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent warns them that he can still steal their shadows.  As long as the light still shines, I will not be defeated.  Red Ranger responds, then it's time to put your lights out.  The Rangers activate their victory charge for Gosei Great Grand Megazord.  Shadow Serpent is hit and destroyed. 

The Rangers reached the city and paused for a moment as they watched a giant monster walk past.  Distractor:  "Oh yeah!  Distractor has been summoned to the scene to shake things up."  Pink Ranger clutched Black Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "What's going on?  It's already a giant."  Distractor shaded his eyes as he glanced over at the Rangers.  Distractor:  "Aww, so you're here little Power Rangers."  Yellow Ranger:  "You might want to rethink who you consider little."  Distractor:  "I'm not here to argue words with you.  I'm here to distract...I mean destroy you."  Distractor shot flames out of his mouth.  The Rangers leaped out of the way.  The Rangers quickly pulled out their morphers.  All:  "Gosei mechazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon mechazords!"  All:  "Gosei Great Megazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon megazord!"  The mechazords formed Gosei Great Megazord.  All:  "Gosei Great Megazord!  Ready!  Let's go!"  Distractor:  "Go ahead!  Combine your powers!  It won't stop me from carrying out my orders!"  Gosei Great Megazord was about to land a punch, when Distractor went flying.  All:  "What?"  Distractor landed on the pavement.  Distractor:  "Oww!!  What a punch!  I just can't bear the pain!"  Pink Ranger:  "Wait a minute.  Did we even hit him?"  Red Ranger:  "It looks like it, but I didn't feel any impact."  Distractor gets back up.  Distractor:  "Ohh, yes!  You hit me so unbelievably hard.  Now feel the hit of my dark beam."  Black Ranger:  "Let's get him!"   Gosei Great Megazord charges towards Distractor once more and strikes him with the sword.  Distractor goes flying once more.  Distractor:  "What a hit!"  Distractor lands on the pavement face down.  Distractor:  "You got me!"   Blue Ranger:  "That didn't hit him either."  Yellow Ranger:  "What's going on?"  Distractor gets back up.  Distractor:  "That's where you're wrong.  You got me good.  Your counterattacks have my face as swollen as a pumpkin."  Distractor points to his face.  "See?"  Red Ranger:  "What's up with this guy?"  Black Ranger:  "I can't tell.  He's a weird one."  Distractor:  "It seem you're just too incredibly powerful for me.  I'll need some reinforcements.  Phantom creatures who share my cause.  Rise and join me."  Distractor uses his ability to summon four monsters.  Two previous monsters, Hisser and Psychotick and two new monsters, Kesaran and Mummy.  Pink Ranger:  "Just like that, there's more of them!"  Hisser, Mummy, Psychotick, and Kesaran step forward and line up with Distractor.    Distractor:  "Surprise!  I summon some long lost friends, who have a burning need to fight against you.  Their anger has increased their strength by a hundred times."  Red Ranger:  "Let's take them down guys!"  All:  "Victory Charge!  Activate!"  Gosei Great Megazord prepares to strike.  All:  "Megastrike!"  But the strikes does nothing against the four monsters.  Distractor:  "Slash all you want.  You can't hurt them."  All:  "Huh?"  Soon the four monsters have Gosei Great Megazord surrounded.  Yellow Ranger:  "This is crazy.  What's going on?"  Distractor is enjoying himself.  "You're clueless!  You Rangers are too easy to fool!"  Suddenly Distractor is hit several times.  Distractor:  "What?!  Who did that?!"  Distractor spotted a giant figure coming towards him.  Distractor:  "No!" A giant Robo Knight suddenly appears.  Robo Knight:  "Threats to the Earth must be destroyed."  Robo Knight strikes Distractor several more times with his Robo Blade.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Pink Ranger:  "No way!"  Yellow Ranger:  "He has a giant form too!"  Robo Knight:  "He is trying to trick you.  The monsters he created are only illusions."  Robo Knight continued his fight against Distractor and knocked him to the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  They're not real."  Black Ranger:  "Watch this!"  Gosei Great Megazord tried once more to strike the monsters, but it's sword simply went through them.  Blue Ranger:  "So they're fake, but why?"  Gosei Great Megazord continued to strike the monsters with no success.  Robo Knight:  "Time for me to bring you back down to Earth!"  Robo Knight struck Distractor hard enough with his Robo Blade that Distractor ended up in the woods and back down to normal size.  Robo Knight returns to normal size as well.  The rest of the Rangers arrive and Robo Knight informed them that Distractor was keeping them busy and away from the Wild Sword.  The Rangers went after the Wild Sword and were tricked by Vrak, who ended up with the Wild Sword.  After another battle, Red Ranger made a connection with the dragon spirit inside the Wild Sword.  The Wild Sword granted the Rangers new powers, ultra mode.  With their new weapons, Ultra Swords, the Rangers were able to destroy Distractor and his monsters.

The Rangers had been battling No Joke.  They eventually defeated him with their Ultra Swords and Robo Knight with his Vulcan Cannon.  Within moments, several Zombats arrived and No Joke was revived and giant size.  The Rangers summon their mechazords.  Gosei Great Megazord is formed and activated.  Robo Knight uses his change power card to transform into Lion mechazord.  The Knight Brothers zords are activated and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  No Joke uses his wings to create lots of wind that hits the two megazords hard.  The megazords are force to take several steps back.  Red Ranger notes, these are beyond hurricane forced winds.  No Joke easily continues to create more powerful winds.  Black Ranger states, the only way to stop that windbag is to stop that wind.  Red Ranger instructs Blue Ranger to call the Sea Brothers zords.  Blue Ranger quickly does so and Sea Megazord is formed and activated.  Sea Megazord pours tons of water onto No Joke.  No Joke is not happy.  My wings are soaked. No Joke is ready to create more wind, but quickly realizes it's not working.  Gosei Grand Megazord activates it's victory charge grand strike.  No Joke is hit hard and destroyed.

The Rangers were trying to save their friend, Rico, from Metal Alice's control.   Their plan worked but not for long.  Metal Alice tells them, this battle isn't over yet.  Metal Alice summons the Zombats.  They arrive and land on Rico, making him giant size.  Metal Alice uses the backup mode to restore R1C0.  Metal Alice states, he will destroy you all.  The gem on R1C0's chest lights up again.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  The rest of the Rangers are alarmed.  Blue Ranger states, she reactivated the sensor.  Robo Knight points out, he's still under her control.  His strength will be un-parallel.  Red Ranger tells the team they have no choice but to destroy him.  Pink Ranger reluctantly concludes, I understand.  We have no choice.  The Rangers insert their Power Cards into their morpher as they activate Gosei Great Megazord.  The zords are summon and Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord faces R1C0.  Red Ranger wishes it hadn't come to this.  Metal Alice yells at R1C0 to destroy that hunk of junk.  Rico refuses.  Metal Alice is surprised.  What?!  Metal Alice is angry.  So you really have been short circuited by friendship!  That means you're useless to me!  It is time for you to self destruct!  Metal Alice angrily presses on the keys on her tablet, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes, Rico is resisting.  He must still remember us!  Black Ranger adds, then Metal Alice will destroy him.  Pink Ranger states, we can't let that happen.  After a few moments, Pink Ranger announces she is going to save him.  The rest of the Rangers are surprised.  Pink Ranger adds, Rico has been a friend to us.  I must set him free!  Pink Ranger inserts her Power Card and summons the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship and activates it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship arrives and Pink Ranger leaps inside it.  Pink Ranger tells her team to trust her.  Yellow Ranger asks, what are you going to do?  Pink Ranger replies, getting him out of here.  Metal Alice yells traitor!  I can override your systems and blow you to smithereens!  Metal Alice is about to press another key when her arm is pulled back.  It is Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells her, it is you who has betrayed him.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger flies Gosei Ultimate Command Ship over to Rico and tells him to grab hold, which he does.  Pink Ranger tells him to hang on.  Red Ranger notes she took him!  Blue Ranger thinks she is crazy.  Black Ranger warns her to think about this.  Robo Knight shouts no!  Metal Alice notes, Vrak is not going to be happy about this.  Pink Ranger tells Rico she is taking him to a safe place.  Far enough away from Metal Alice's signal can't reach you.  You're my friend.  I need to set you free.  Rico states, Emma set Rico free.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  Rico states, Rico trusts friend Emma.  Pink Ranger is happy that Rico remembers her.  As they continue to fly upwards, Pink Ranger tells Rico they are nearly out of the range of Metal Alice.  In a few seconds, you need to let go.  The seconds pass and Rico lets go, shouting, I'm free!  Metal Alice is very angry.  Robot 1C0 escaped.  This isn't over Rangers!  Metal Alice vanishes.  Red Ranger replies, and we'll be ready for you!   

The Rangers are battling Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor tells them, well played Rangers.  But a wise leader always has a backup plan.  Zombats!  The Zombats surround Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor tells the Rangers, now you will see what real power is.  Admiral Malkor catches one of the Zombats and eats it.  The Rangers make gagging sounds and Yellow Ranger comments, disgusting.  Admiral Malkor grows to giant size.  Admiral Malkor shouts into the sky, Vrak, land the ship as planned.  Admiral Malkor tells the Rangers, my ship will crush what's left of your city.  The Rangers also spot the spaceship.  Black Ranger becomes alarmed.  He's going to land the ship!  Admiral Malkor tells them, now you see that all pathetic humans have no chance and you will bow down to me!  Red Ranger tells this team, it's now or never guys.  Time to summon the Gosei Great Megazord.  The Rangers summon their mechazords.  They arrive and Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed. Red Ranger asks his team, are we ready to do this?  They respond with yes!  Gosei Great Megazord charges towards Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor scoffs at them.  Such toys!  Gosei Great Megazord and Admiral Malkor fight as the Warstar Spaceship hovers over them.  Admiral Malkor strikes Gosei Great Megazord with his ax several times.  Admiral Malkor knocks Gosei Great Megazord backwards and Gosei Great Megazord falls to the ground.  Red Ranger tells his team, we have to neutralize that ax! Gosei Great Megazord is back on it's feet.  Red Ranger shouts, that ship is about to crush us!  Gosei Great Megazord launches it's multi zord attack against Admiral Malkor.  Red Ranger exclaims, our zords will finish him!  Instead, Admiral Malkor powers himself up and destroys the zords.  Admiral Malkor shouts, now I will show you no mercy!  Black Ranger shouts, he just vaporized the zords!  Admiral Malkor strikes Gosei Great Megazord with his ax.  Pink Ranger tells her team, we just need to stop that ship.  Admiral Malkor blasts Gosei Great Megazord.  Sparks fly in the cockpit.  Admiral Malkor shouts into the sky, come Vrak!  Crush what's left of these pathetic Power Rangers!  Vrak responds, my pleasure!  Red Ranger shouts, Rangers!  The ship's about to land!  Admiral Malkor states, and now the end.  Yellow Ranger tells her team, I say we give him a different ending than he wants.  Black Ranger responds, I'm with you.  There must be something we can do.  Pink Ranger adds, whatever it is, count me in!  Blue Ranger also adds, definitely!  Let's take him down!  Red Ranger suggests they combine their Power Cards into one giant super card.  The plan works and it launches every mechazord they got at Admiral Malkor.  The ax and Admiral Malkor's new power is destroyed.  Admiral Malkor screams impossible!  Red Ranger notes, he's lost his wings!  Come on guys!  This is our chance!  The Rangers summon Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Once activated, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's victory charge.  Admiral Malkor shouts, hurry Vrak!  Crush them!  Admiral Malkor is hit with the victory charge.  Red Ranger shouts, let's take them both out!  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires.  Admiral Malkor and the Warstar Spaceship are destroyed.

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