Gosei Ultimate Megazord

Bluefur and Bigs had managed to wrap the Aurora Box on top of a building.  This gave Bigs a more powerful form.  Robo Knight fought Bluefur outside the building while the rest of the Rangers fought Bigs inside the Aurora Box.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Bigs, but they were trapped inside the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger tries to contact Gosei but gets no answer.  Yellow Ranger states, we'll have to do this on our own.  Suddenly their surroundings change and Pink Ranger notes, the lights are going out.  Blue Ranger informs them the Aurora Box is imploding.  Black Ranger concludes they are trapped here.  Red Ranger pulls out his Mega Blaster and tells the team to stay focused.  There must be a way out.  He fires the Mega Blaster.  Blue Ranger notes, nothing.  Pink Ranger comments, it's so dark.  Red Ranger states, guys, I want you to know what an honor it was to serve by your side.  There is a sudden flash of light.  The top of the Command Center breaks into the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger notes it's a space ship now.  Gosei's image appears on the outside of the ship as he greets them.  Blue Ranger is happy that Gosei came for them.  Gosei adds, and I always will.  Here is your new ship.  Red Ranger is impressed.  It's amazing.  Gosei tells them to use their ultra mode to call for your zords.  The Rangers do so.  The Ultra Zords fly above them.  Pink Ranger is confused.  The Ultra Zords, what are they doing?  The Ultra Zords become larger and fit themselves onto the ship.  Black Ranger notes, they're melding into the ship.  Gosei tells them, your bravery has earned you this new power.  Megaforce, I present the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's use it well.  The Rangers leap inside the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  They are very impressed as they sit inside the cockpit.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship breaks free of the Aurora Box, destroying it in the process.  Bluefur is shocked - how did they destroy it?!  Robo Knight notes, the Rangers escaped.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship fires at Bluefur.  Bluefur is hit several times and notes, these blasts are powerful.  Yellow Ranger notes, this ship can morph.  Blue Ranger wonders what it can morph into?  Red Ranger responds, let's find out!  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship transforms into a new megazord - Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Bluefur fight.  Bluefur tries to strike Gosei Ultimate Megazord, but is blocked.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord uses a double spin sword attack against Bluefur.  Red Ranger thanks Gosei.  We're loving this new fire power.  Bluefur becomes upset over his club being destroyed.  Lights flash from Gosei Ultimate Megazord which confuses Bluefur.  Blue Ranger tries a button and the front of the megazord opens up to reveal a cannon.  The cannon fires several shots at Bluefur.  The Rangers activate the Ultimate Charge Power Card.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord locks on it's target and fires it's victory charge ultimate strike.  Bluefur is hit and shouts, no!  How could we lose?!  We had the box!  Bluefur falls to the ground and is destroyed.  Robo Knight tells them, nicely done.  Threat eliminated.  Robo Knight walks away.  The Rangers are very excited over their victory.

The Rangers had been battling Rotox DX and Metal Alice.  Rotox DX was defeated and Metal Alice retreated.  Vrak summon several Zombats which made Rotox DX giant size.  Blue Ranger is surprised that Zombats works on robots.  The Rangers summon their Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  When it arrives, they quickly leap inside it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship transforms into Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers zords are summon and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Rotox DX fires at both Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord blocks the blasts.  The two megazords walk towards Rotox DX.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord strikes Rotox DX with it's swords.  Rotox DX strikes both Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord gives Rotox DX his lion kick.  Rotox DX is confident he can still beat them - with one hand.  Gosei Grand Megazord lands another kick.  Red Ranger states, time to shut this robot down for good.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord fires all it's weapons at Rotox DX and then activates it's ultimate charge.  Rotox DX is hit hard and destroyed.  

The Rangers were trying to save their friend, Rico, from Metal Alice's control.   Their plan worked but not for long.  Metal Alice tells them, this battle isn't over yet.  Metal Alice summons the Zombats.  They arrive and land on Rico, making him giant size.  Metal Alice uses the backup mode to restore R1C0.  Metal Alice states, he will destroy you all.  The gem on R1C0's chest lights up again.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  The rest of the Rangers are alarmed.  Blue Ranger states, she reactivated the sensor.  Robo Knight points out, he's still under her control.  His strength will be un-parallel.  Red Ranger tells the team they have no choice but to destroy him.  Pink Ranger reluctantly concludes, I understand.  We have no choice.  The Rangers insert their Power Cards into their morpher as they activate Gosei Great Megazord.  The zords are summon and Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord faces R1C0.  Red Ranger wishes it hadn't come to this.  Metal Alice yells at R1C0 to destroy that hunk of junk.  Rico refuses.  Metal Alice is surprised.  What?!  Metal Alice is angry.  So you really have been short circuited by friendship!  That means you're useless to me!  It is time for you to self destruct!  Metal Alice angrily presses on the keys on her tablet, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes, Rico is resisting.  He must still remember us!  Black Ranger adds, then Metal Alice will destroy him.  Pink Ranger states, we can't let that happen.  After a few moments, Pink Ranger announces she is going to save him.  The rest of the Rangers are surprised.  Pink Ranger adds, Rico has been a friend to us.  I must set him free!  Pink Ranger inserts her Power Card and summons the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship and activates it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship arrives and Pink Ranger leaps inside it.  Pink Ranger tells her team to trust her.  Yellow Ranger asks, what are you going to do?  Pink Ranger replies, getting him out of here.  Metal Alice yells traitor!  I can override your systems and blow you to smithereens!  Metal Alice is about to press another key when her arm is pulled back.  It is Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells her, it is you who has betrayed him.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger flies Gosei Ultimate Command Ship over to Rico and tells him to grab hold, which he does.  Pink Ranger tells him to hang on.  Red Ranger notes she took him!  Blue Ranger thinks she is crazy.  Black Ranger warns her to think about this.  Robo Knight shouts no!  Metal Alice notes, Vrak is not going to be happy about this.  Pink Ranger tells Rico she is taking him to a safe place.  Far enough away from Metal Alice's signal can't reach you.  You're my friend.  I need to set you free.  Rico states, Emma set Rico free.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  Rico states, Rico trusts friend Emma.  Pink Ranger is happy that Rico remembers her.  As they continue to fly upwards, Pink Ranger tells Rico they are nearly out of the range of Metal Alice.  In a few seconds, you need to let go.  The seconds pass and Rico lets go, shouting, I'm free!  Gosei Ultimate Megazord lands beside Gosei Great Megazord.  Metal Alice is very angry.  Robot 1C0 escaped.  This isn't over Rangers!  Metal Alice vanishes.  Red Ranger replies, and we'll be ready for you!   

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