Ultra Gosei Great Megazord

The Rangers were having a difficult battle with Creepox in their Gosei Great Megazord.  Black Ranger notes, we need more power.  Red Ranger agrees and contacts Gosei.  A bright light fills the cockpit of the Megazord.  Creepox notices the light as well.  What is going on?  Red Ranger asks Gosei, what's happening? Gosei contacts Troy and tells him, do not doubt yourself.  You have proven to me that you are ready for a new power to be unlocked.  The time has come for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Red Ranger thanks Gosei.  We won't disappoint you.  The power card for Ultra Gosei Great Megazord appears.  With the card, they can call all their zords.  Red Ranger activates the power card.  All the zords arrive and immediately fire at Creepox.  Gosei Great Megazord releases it's headers and the headers join the rest of the headers.  The headers then attached themselves to the Megazord. Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Creepox states, the bigger you get, the harder you will fall.  Creepox releases his galaxy meteorite shocks.  It misses Ultra Gosei Great Megazord as it walks towards Creepox.  Red Ranger tells his team, look for openings in his defense.  Creepox and Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fight.  Once at a close range, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's headers at Creepox.  Hit hard, Creepox takes several steps backwards.  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord then deals it's victory charge, ultra mega strike, and Creepox is hit.  As he goes down, Creepox tells them, they may have won this battle, but you won't win the war against the insectoids.  Creepox is destroyed.

The Rangers were battling Admiral Malkor in their Gosei Great Megazord.  Admiral Malkor states, and now the end.  Yellow Ranger tells her team, I say we give him a different ending than he wants.  Black Ranger responds, I'm with you.  There must be something we can do.  Pink Ranger adds, whatever it is, count me in!  Blue Ranger also adds, definitely!  Let's take him down!  Red Ranger suggests they combine their Power Cards into one giant super card.  The plan works and it launches all of the mechazords they got at Admiral Malkor.  The ax and Admiral Malkor's new power is destroyed.  Admiral Malkor screams impossible!  Red Ranger notes, he's lost his wings!  Come on guys!  This is our chance!  The Rangers summon Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Once activated, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's victory charge.  Admiral Malkor shouts, hurry Vrak!  Crush them!  Admiral Malkor is hit with the victory charge.  Red Ranger shouts, let's take them both out!  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires.  Admiral Malkor and the Warstar Spaceship are destroyed.

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