Gosei Jet Mechazords

The Rangers were trying to stop a bomb from blowing up a bridge that a train was about to cross over.  Metal Alice appeared.  Metal Alice:  "Let me shave a few seconds off."  The timer sped up and the bomb went off, blowing up the bridge.  Metal Alice:  "Oh sorry.  Did I forget to tell you about my override system"  The explosion had knocked the Rangers to the ground.  Black Ranger pounded the ground with his fist.  Black Ranger:  "No!  Now the bridge is gone!"  Red Ranger yells, the train!  Blue Ranger shouts, it's going to crash!  The train continues to race along.  Black Ranger tells the rest of the team they have to force it to stop.  Pink Ranger thinks it's impossible.  We won't make it.  Robo Knight tells the Rangers, do not give up.  Red Ranger agrees.  He's right.  There's always a way.  Black Ranger adds, we can't give up.  Pink Ranger tells the team, for the people on that train.  Yellow Ranger adds, and for everyone on Earth.  The Rangers struggle, but they manage to stand back up. Gosei contacts the Rangers and tells them, your perseverance has earned a new power. Power Cards drop down into the Rangers' hands.  They are the Gosei Jet Power Cards.  Robo Knight tells them, quickly!  Summon your zords.  The train is only seconds away.  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Rangers insert the new cards into their morphers and summon Gosei Jet.  Gosei Jet arrives.  Gosei Jet is five zords, condor, elephant, dolphin, beetle, alligator, that form a bridge across the broken train tracks.  Lion Mechazord leads the train safety over the tracks.  Once the train passes, the five zords fly away.

The Rangers were battling Admiral Malkor in their Gosei Great Megazord.  Admiral Malkor:  "And now...the end."  Admiral Malkor powers up.  Yellow Ranger:  "I say we give him a different ending than he wants."  Black Ranger:  "I'm with you.  There must be something we can do."  Pink Ranger:  "Whatever it is, count me in!"  Blue Ranger:  "Definitely!  Let's take him down!"  Red Ranger:  "I know.  Let's try combining our power cards into one giant super card."  Yellow Ranger:  "Let's do it!"  Blue Ranger:  "I'm ready!" Black Ranger:  "Come on!"  Pink Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Gosei:  "Summon zords!"  The plan works and it launches the Jet mechazords and rest of the mechazords they got at Admiral Malkor.  Pink Ranger:  "It's working!"  Blue Ranger:  "Yeah and it's launching every zord we got."   The ax and Admiral Malkor's new power is destroyed.  Admiral Malkor:  "What?!  Impossible!"  Red Ranger:  "He's lost his wings!  Come on guys!  This is our chance!"  All:  "Ultra Gosei Great Megazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon megazord!"  Red Ranger:  "Lock, loaded, and ready to go!"  All:  "Ultra Gosei Great Megazord!  Ready!  Victory Charge!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ready!"  Admiral Malkor:  "Hurry Vrak!  Crush them!" Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's victory charge.   Admiral Malkor is hit with the victory charge.  Red Ranger:  "Let's take them both out!"  All:  "Earth's Defenders!  Never Surrender!  Victory Charge!  Ultra Mega Strike!"  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires.  Admiral Malkor is destroyed and the Warstar Spaceship is hit hard.  After a few seconds, the Warstar Spaceship explodes.  The Rangers erupt in cheers.  Black Ranger:  "Sweet!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Awesome!"  Blue Ranger:  "We did it!"  Pink Ranger:  "Cool!"  Red Ranger:  "Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!"

Staying On Track