Lion Mechazord

The Rangers had been battling Bluefur, Bigs, and Hisser when Robo Knight arrived.  Robo Knight fought Hisser as the rest of the Rangers fought Bluefur and Bigs.  Eventually Bluefur and Bigs retreated.  Robo Knight had defeated Hisser, but Zombats arrived and revived him.  Hisser was giant size and in a more powerful form.  Hisser rolls towards the Rangers and fires at them, knocking them off their feet.  Robot Knight steps forward and tells them to not interfere.  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher, and places a power card (change card) inside it.  The Rangers are impressed when Robo Knight transforms into Lion mechazord.  Lion mechazord rams Hisser.  Hisser tried to stop Lion mechazord with rocks, but Lion mechazord bursts through them.  Lion mechazord rolls towards Hisser.  Hisser fires several times at Lion mechazord, but misses.  Hisser then knocks a huge boulder towards Lion mechazord.  Lion mechazord just blasts through it as it continues to roll towards Hisser.  Hisser is surprised.  Lion mechazord uses his spin maneuver against Hisser.  Hisser is hit and shouts, stop that you bucket of bolts!  Lion mechazord uses his robo charge against Hisser.  Hisser is hit and rolls over several times on the ground.  Hisser gets back up.  Lion mechazord activates his wheel missiles.  Hisser asks, can we talk?  Lion mechazord releases his wheel missiles and his knight power charge.  Hisser is struck and destroyed.

The Rangers are fighting Psychotick.  Suddenly Lion Mechazord arrives and transforms into Robo Knight.  Psychotick:  "Now for the main event!"  Red Ranger:  "Good timing Robo Knight."  Blue Ranger:  "He's tough, but together we can take him."  Robo Knight:  "I will handle it alone."  Psychotick:  "Let's see you handle this!  I've been itching to fight you!  Tick attack!"  Robo Knight and Psychotick fight as the rest of the Rangers race around trying to protect the various people there.  Eventually Robo Knight is captured and vanished.  Psychotick and Vrak (who had stayed hidden) gloat and then vanish as well.  Robo Knight slowly comes to and finds himself in a cage.  Robo Knight tries to break free, but can't.  Vrak enjoys Robo Knight's struggle.  Eventually Troy shows up.  Red Ranger and Vrak fight, then the rest of the Rangers arrive.  Psychotick is there as well.  Everyone is battling as Robo Knight watches from his cage.  Robo Knight tries once more to break free and is successful.  Robo Knight fights Vrak and Psychotick.  Robo Knight defeats Psychotick.  Vrak is furious.  Vrak summons the Zombats before vanished himself.  Psychotick is giant size.  Red Ranger is ready to summon the Megazord, but Robo Knight stops him.  He tells Red Ranger, I will handle this.  There is a glow and three power cards leap into Robo Knight's hand.  Robo Knight states, time to deploy my zords.  Pink Ranger is very excited.  Great!  Twelve Mechazords together!  Robo Knight replies, mine will be sufficient.  Robo Knight places the Knight Brothers power card into his morpher and activates them.  The Sea Lion  Mechazord and Sky Lion Mechazord quickly arrive.  Psychotick is not happy.  Nonsense!  I'm putting my foot down!  On your heads!  The Rangers quickly back up.  Sea Lion Mechazord and Sky Lion Mechazord fly over the Rangers and then strike Psychotick hard.  The five Rangers are impressed.  The two mechazords fire at Psychotick.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Lion Mechazord runs along side the two other mechazords.  Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Yellow Ranger notes, he's his own megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord and Psychotick face each other.  The battle continues until Psychotick is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord.

The Rangers placed their trust in Robo Knight by allowing Shadow Serpent to capture their shadows.  The five Rangers were now frozen in place.  Shadow Serpent gloats, their shadows are mine as Robo Knight yells no!  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight to attack now!  Robo Knight vows I will not waste this chance.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and transforms into Lion Mechazord.  He flies towards the tongue, which is wrapped around the five Rangers, and breaks it apart as he flies through it.  Lion Mechazord strikes Shadow Serpent several times, knocking him to the ground.  The Rangers' shadows have been returned.  Red Ranger knew Robo Knight would not fail them.  Lion Mechazord transforms back into Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Shadow Serpent with his Robo Blade.  Shadow Serpent tries to strike Robo Knight with a spear, but Robo Knight knocks it away.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster several times at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard and falls to the ground.  Robo Knight activates his Vulcan Cannon and fires it at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is defeated.  Moments later, Shadow Serpent is giant size.  Robo Knight tells the rest of the Rangers, together we will stop him.  Excited, Yellow Ranger asks Red Ranger if he heard that?  Black Ranger adds, good job man.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers have also been activated and they arrive quickly.  Gosei Grand Megazord is activated and quickly formed.  The rest of the Rangers summon their zords and quickly leap inside them.  Gosei Great Megazord is activated and formed.  Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Great Megazord face down Shadow Serpent. Shadow Serpent comments, you know what they say?  The bigger they are, the better they are for shis kebab.  Shadow Serpent charges towards the two Megazords with a spear in each hand.  Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord fight Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent strikes Gosei Grand Megazord with one of the spears.  Both megazords simultaneously land a punch on Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent strikes both of the megazords with it's tail.  Shadow Serpent opens it's mouth and blasts both megazords.  The megazords break apart and fall to the ground.  Shadow Serpent comments, you're barely a light snack now.  He blasts all the zords.  Dragon Mechazord avoids the blasts as it flies towards Shadow Serpent  Lion Mechazord charges towards Shadow Serpent as well.  Lion Mechazord notes even if he has the advantage of size, our combined power can still prevail.  All the mechazords blasts Shadow Serpent.  The Rangers receive a new power card - Gosei Great Grand Megazord power card.  Lion Mechazord notes it's a reward for working together.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord is activated and formed.  Red Ranger states, let's hit this guy where the sun don't shine.  Shadow Serpent replies, bring it on!  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger launches their land lance attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Blue Ranger launches his sea spike attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit with several tides of water.  Shadow Serpent screams, what are you doing?!  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger launch their sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit several times with the sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent warns them that he can still steal their shadows.  As long as the light still shines, I will not be defeated.  Red Ranger responds, then it's time to put your lights out.  The Rangers activate their victory charge for Gosei Great Grand Megazord.  Shadow Serpent is hit and destroyed.

The Rangers had been battling No Joke.  They eventually defeated him with their Ultra Swords and Robo Knight with his Vulcan Cannon.  Within moments, several Zombats arrived and No Joke was revived and giant size.  The Rangers summon their mechazords.  Gosei Great Megazord is formed and activated.  Robo Knight uses his change power card to transform into Lion mechazord.  The Knight Brothers zords are activated and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  No Joke uses his wings to create lots of wind that hits the two megazords hard.  The megazords are force to take several steps back.  Red Ranger notes, these are beyond hurricane forced winds.  No Joke easily continues to create more powerful winds.  Black Ranger states, the only way to stop that windbag is to stop that wind.  Red Ranger instructs Blue Ranger to call the Sea Brothers zords.  Blue Ranger quickly does so and Sea Megazord is formed and activated.  Sea Megazord pours tons of water onto No Joke.  No Joke is not happy.  My wings are soaked. No Joke is ready to create more wind, but quickly realizes it's not working.  Gosei Grand Megazord activates it's victory charge grand strike.  No Joke is hit hard and destroyed.

Dream Snatcher had gone through the city eating people's dreams.  Trapped in his dark dream world, the victims became depressed.  While their bodies left in the city grew roots of despair.  Emma was also trapped in Dream Snatcher's dream world.  Emma rallied the victims and soon hope and dreams returned to them.  They were able to break free of the dream world and return to their bodies.  The roots of despair vanished.  While the rest of the Rangers were battling Dream Snatcher, Robo Knight had kept an eye on Emma's body and was impressed when she managed to return, along with the rest of the victims.  Emma morphed and Robo Knight transform into Lion Mechazord.  They flew into the woods where the battle was taking place.  Pink Ranger:  "Hey Dream Snatcher!  We're your nightmare!"  As they flew past Dream Snatcher, they struck him.  Dream Snatcher hit the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Go Emma!  Yeah!"  Robo Knight:  "Robo Knight!  Morph!"  Pink Ranger and Robo Knight landed next to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger:  "Guys, Robo Knight and I will finish this one.  It's over monster!  Ultra Sword! Activate! Ultra Mode! Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  Pink Ranger:  "Wind Power!  Ultra Megaforce Pink!"  Robo Knight:  "I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment.  Guardian of the Earth." Pink Ranger leaps into the air and strikes Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword.  Pink Ranger and Dream Snatcher fight.  Dream Snatcher blasts Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger goes flying but Robo Knight stops her by pushing her back.  Pink Ranger goes flying forward and strikes Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword and knocking Dream Snatcher to the ground.  Dream Snatcher gets up as Robo Knight charges in.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blade!"  Robo Knight fights Dream Snatcher with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Vine Bender!  Activate!"  The vines wrapped around Dream Snatcher and hold him still.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air.  Pink Ranger:  'Ultra strike!"  As Pink Ranger comes down she strikes Dream Snatcher.  Pink Ranger lands by Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger:  "Now to finish this!"  Robo Knight:  "Knight Dynamic!"  Pink Ranger:  "Ultra Sky Dynamic!"  Pink Ranger & Robo Knight:  "Fire!"  Together Pink Ranger fires her Ultra Sword and Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon.  Dream Snatcher is hit hard and defeated.  Within moments, several Zombats arrive and Dream Snatcher grows giant size.  The Rangers activate their mechazords, along with the Sky Brothers zords.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  The Knight Brothers zords arrive and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  The battle continues.  Eventually Dream Snatcher is destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

The Rangers are inside a building fighting Bigs while Robo Knight battles Bluefur outside.  Eventually Bigs is destroyed.  Bluefur is stunned - Bigs destroyed!  Robo Knight tells Bluefur he is next.  Robo Knight strikes Bluefur with his Robo Blade.  Bluefur is hit hard.  He tells Robo Knight, this is for Bigs as he tries to strike Robo Knight with his club.  Robo Knight blocks the blow with his Robo Blade, causing the blast to strike Bluefur instead.  Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon at Bluefur.  Bluefur is hit but takes satisfaction in telling Robo Knight that the Rangers will never escape the Aurora Box.  Soon the Zombats land on Bluefur and he grows to giant size.  Bluefur is determined to avenge his fallen comrade.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers Zords arrive and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Bluefur immediately strikes Gosei Grand Megazord several times with his club.  Bluefur shouts at Gosei Grand Megazord, you will fall to my vicious vengeance!  Bluefur strikes Gosei Grand Megazord with his club.  Gosei Grand Megazord falls apart as Bluefur boasts, nothing can stop me!  Bluefur is about to stomp on Robo Knight when Gosei Ultimate Command Ship breaks out of the Aurora Box, destroying it in the process.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship transforms into Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord battles and destroys Bluefur.

The Rangers battled and defeated Rotox DX.  But Vrak summon his Zombats and Rotox DX was revived and giant size.  Blue Ranger is surprised that Zombats works on robots.  The Rangers summon their Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  When it arrives, they quickly leap inside it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship transforms into Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers zords are summon and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Rotox DX fires at both Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord blocks the blasts.  The two megazords walk towards Rotox DX.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord strikes Rotox DX with it's swords.  Rotox DX strikes both Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord gives Rotox DX his lion kick.  Rotox DX is confident he can still beat them - with one hand.  Gosei Grand Megazord lands another kick.  Red Ranger states, time to shut this robot down for good.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord fires all it's weapons at Rotox DX and then activates it's ultimate charge.  Rotox DX is hit hard and destroyed.

The Rangers were battling several Loogies.  Metal Alice was close by and watched.  Metal Alice:  "Yes, struggle uselessly.  Time is ticking."  Suddenly Lion Mechazord appears and strikes Metal Alice several times.  Robo Knight:  "Lion Zord!  Morph!"  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Lion Mechazord lands on top of the train and reverts back to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "Why do you hate the humans so much?  Metal Alice:  "Why?  Just look at how inferior they are.  These useless creatures must be eliminated."  Metal Alice tosses up her tablet, which turns into her weapon.  Metal Alice catches her weapon.  Robo Knight fires at Metal Alice several times with his Robo Blaster, but Metal Alice vanishes and reappears each time unhurt.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blaster.  Metal Alice:  "This planet is not big enough for robots and humans.  It's either us or them.  Anyway they will not be missed."  Metal Alice knocks Robo Knight off the train.  Robo Knight lands on his feet.  Metal Alice leaps down and fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Even if only one human is lost, there will be those who miss that person and suffer greatly from it."  Metal Alice:  "I cannot comprehend why human feelings have any value."   Metal Alice uses her weapon to wrap several beams of energy around Robo Knight.  She flicks her weapon and Robo Knight goes flying.  Robo Knight crashes onto the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  The Rangers race over to Robo Knight.  Metal Alice fires at the Rangers.  The Rangers manage to block the blasts with their Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice:  "Why do you defend him?"  Red Ranger:  "Because, we protect everyone on this planet."  Yellow Ranger:  "You can't change that by creating chaos."  Pink Ranger:  "When things are at their worst."  Blue Ranger:  "We humans rise up and protect our own."  Black Ranger:  "And everyone is important to someone."  The Rangers charge towards Metal Alice.  The Rangers fight Metal Alice with their Ultra Swords.  Robo Knight joins in with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Hurry Rangers."  Metal Alice spins in a circle and with her weapon knocks all the Rangers off their feet.  Metal Alice:  "Humanity makes no sense to me."  Robo Knight:  "It is true that their actions are often times hard to understand."  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight lands a hard strike against Metal Alice.  Robo Knight:  "Humans appreciate their fellow man.  And we should respect the complex feelings they have for one another.  Like a child missing his mother."  Metal Alice:  "Nonsense!"  Metal Alice and Robo Knight fight again.  Robo Knight uses his Robo Blade as he fights against Metal Alice.  Robo Knight:  "Emotions are not a weakness.  Failing to see that will be your downfall!"   Robo Knight strikes a powerful blow against Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Metal Alice falls to the ground.  Robo Knight:  "Rangers, stop that bomb."  Red Ranger:  "Right!"  The Rangers take off running.  After a few moments, Robo Knight follows them.   Yellow Ranger:  "We've only got twelve seconds!"  Red Ranger:  "It's all we need!"  Suddenly Metal Alice appears ahead of them.  Metal Alice:  "Let me shave a few seconds off."   She uses her tablet to speed up the timer.  The bomb goes off and part of the railway is destroyed.  The Rangers fall to the ground.  Metal Alice:  "Oh sorry.  Did I forget to tell you about my override system?"  Black Ranger pounds the ground with his fist.  "No!  Now the bridge is gone!"  Red Ranger:  "The train!"  Blue Ranger:  "It's going to crash!"  Red Ranger:  "We've got to do something, but what?"  The train sounds it's horn.  Blue Ranger:  "Hear that?  It's coming!"  Pink Ranger:  "No!"  Black Ranger:  "We've got to force it to stop!"  Pink Ranger:  "It's impossible!  We won't make it!"  Robo Knight hurries over to the fallen Rangers.  Robo Knight:  "Rangers, do not give up."  Red Ranger:  "He's right.  There's always a way."  The Rangers struggle to stand back up.  Blue Ranger:  "Yeah."  Black Ranger:  "We can't give up."  Pink Ranger:  "For the people on that train."   Yellow Ranger:  "And for everyone on Earth."  The Rangers stood back up.  Robo Knight:  "Yes!"   Gosei contacts the Rangers.  "Rangers, your perseverance has earned you a new power."  Power Cards drop down into the Rangers' hands.  Red Ranger:  "It's a Gosei Jet Card!"  Pink Ranger gasps.  Black Ranger:  "Cool."  Yellow Ranger laughs.  Blue Ranger:  "Wow."  Robo Knight:  "Quickly.  Summon your zords.  The train is only seconds away."  Robo Knight inserted his power card into his morpher.  "Change card!"  Robo Knight presses a few buttons on his morpher.  "Lion Zord!  Morph!"  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Red Ranger:  "Release the power!"  All:  "Gosei Jet!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon zords!"   Gosei Jet arrives.  Gosei Jet is five zords, condor, elephant, dolphin, beetle, alligator, that form a bridge across the broken train tracks.  Lion Mechazord leads the train safety over the tracks.  All:  "We made it!  Just in time!"  The Rangers cheer.  Once the train passes, the five zords fly away.  Metal Alice is not happy.  "You have not won humans.  This calls for desperate measures.  Zombats!  Enlarge me!"  The Zombats arrive and Metal Alice grows to giant size.  Robo Knight:  "Lion Mechazord!  Activate!"  Pink Ranger:  "Nice!"  Red Ranger:  "New Cards!  Ready!"  All:  "Gosei Jet Megazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon Megazord!"  Red Ranger:  "Done!"  All:  "Gosei Jet Megazord!  Ready!"  Robo Knight:  "Zords Combine!"  Gosei:  "Summon Megazord!"  The Knight Brothers Zords arrive and combines with Lion Mechazord, becoming Gosei Grand Megazord.  The Rangers fight Metal Alice.  Eventually Metal Alice is defeated by Gosei Jet Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.

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