Ultra Zords

Wild Sword is an ancient weapon.  It was forged countless ages ago to protect the Earth.  It became too powerful and had to be sealed within the Earth in the Black Mountains.  But now the sword's restless energy was trying to break it free.  The Rangers were sent to retrieve, but instead were tricked by Vrak and he now had the Wild Sword.  But not for long.  During a battle, Red Ranger grabbed a hold of Wild Sword and made a connection to the ancient dragon spirit within it.  Ultra Dragon Zord released itself form the Wild Sword.  Ultra Phoenix, Ultra Snake, Ultra Tiger, and Ultra Shark Zords burst forth from the Black Mountains and arrived in the city.  The Ultra Zords granted the Rangers new powers, ultra mode, and new weapons, Ultra Swords.  With their new Ultra Swords, the Rangers easily fought Vrak.  Vrak retreated, letting his monsters finish the battle.  Instead the monsters were destroyed by the Ultra Swords.  After the battle, the Rangers demorph and dropped to their knees.  Slowly they get back up.  The ultra zords fly above them and around them.  Troy tells his friends, this is just so mind blowing.  We've been given so much power.  It's up to us to use it.  Own it.  And show those monsters we'll never let them hurt the Earth.  Troy holds up a blank card.  The Ultra Dragon Zord floats over it and turns it into a power card.  The rest of the team has their new power cards as well.

The Rangers had several battles with No Joke.  During these battle, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger were pulled into No Joke's pod because of their laughter.  Blue Ranger came up with a plan.  Blue Ranger started telling jokes with Robo Knight responding seriously.  No Joke starts laughing and the pod begins to pull him in.  No Joke destroys the pod.  All the victims are released. Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger are released as well.  Black Ranger is impressed - they did it.  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger walk over to the rest of the Rangers as they get up.  Red Ranger reminds them that's it not over yet.  Blue Ranger is very pleased with himself.  I actually told a joke.  No Joke is not happy.  No one makes a joke out of me!  The five Rangers quickly activate their ultra zords.  The ultra zords attack No Joke and then fly over to the Rangers.  The Ultra Swords appear and the ultra zords are placed inside and ultra mode is activated.  The Rangers charge towards No Joke with their Ultra Swords.  No Joke taunts them.  Don't make me laugh.  You can't beat me.  Red Ranger fights No Joke with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap in and strike No Joke several times with their Ultra Swords.  No Joke is knocked to the pavement but quickly gets back up.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger strike No Joke several times with their Ultra Swords.  They knock No Joke into the sky.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke while he is in the air.  The Rangers gather together as No Joke falls onto the pavement.  The Rangers combined their powers and strike No Joke with the ultra strike.  Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon.  No Joke is hit hard and falls to the pavement in a blaze of fire.  Several Zombats arrive, and No Joke grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their mechazords and the battle continues.  Eventually No Joke is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord and Sea Megazord.

Bluefur and Bigs had managed to wrap the Aurora Box on top of a building.  This gave Bigs a more powerful form.  Robo Knight fought Bluefur outside the building while the rest of the Rangers fought Bigs inside the Aurora Box.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Bigs, but they were trapped inside the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger tries to contact Gosei but gets no answer.  Yellow Ranger states, we'll have to do this on our own.  Suddenly their surroundings change and Pink Ranger notes, the lights are going out.  Blue Ranger informs them the Aurora Box is imploding.  Black Ranger concludes they are trapped here.  Red Ranger pulls out his Mega Blaster and tells the team to stay focused.  There must be a way out.  He fires the Mega Blaster.  Blue Ranger notes, nothing.  Pink Ranger comments, it's so dark.  Red Ranger states, guys, I want you to know what an honor it was to serve by your side.  There is a sudden flash of light.  The top of the Command Center breaks into the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger notes it's a space ship now.  Gosei's image appears on the outside of the ship as he greets them.  Blue Ranger is happy that Gosei came for them.  Gosei adds, and I always will.  Here is your new ship.  Red Ranger is impressed.  It's amazing.  Gosei tells them to use their ultra mode to call for your zords.  The Rangers do so.  The Ultra Zords fly above them.  Pink Ranger is confused.  The Ultra Zords, what are they doing?  The Ultra Zords become larger and fit themselves onto the ship.  Black Ranger notes, they're melding into the ship.  Gosei tells them, your bravery has earned you this new power.  Megaforce, I present the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's use it well.  The Rangers leap inside the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  They are very impressed as they sit inside the cockpit.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship breaks free of the Aurora Box, destroying it in the process.  Another battle follows with Bluefur.  Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Ultra Power


Ultra Dragon Zord


Last Laugh/Gosei Ultimate