Tiger Drill Megazord

The Rangers had been battling Madimot.  Madimot had been defeated but within a few moments, he was back and giant size.  The folding zords are summon and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Samurai Megazord goes to stand next to Tiger Zord.  Tiger Zord had been under Madimot's control, but Red Ranger was able to break the spell using the resist symbol power.  Tiger Drill Megazord is formed.  Madimot manages to climb out of the crevice that Tiger Zord had created and Madimot had fallen in.  Tiger Drill Megazord and Madimot battle.  Madimot uses it's shield to blast Tiger Drill Megazord several times.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, he thinks they can break the shield with the tiger drill.  Red Ranger shouts out, Tiger Drill Charge!  With all four drills going at full blast, Tiger Drill Megazord charges towards Madimot.  Tiger Drill Megazord hits the shield and it's destroyed, along with Madimot.  Madimot protests till the end, I can't be beat, I'm the baddest of the bad! 

I've Got A Spell On Blue