Beetle Zord

The beetle disc allowed the Fire Smasher to transform into the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  The beetle disc also contained the Beetle Zord.  The Rangers had been battling a giant Dreadhead with the Samurai Megazord.  It was a difficult battle as Dreadhead's body waver in and out.  Red Ranger leaves the cockpit and stands on the Samurai Megazord's shoulders.  Red Ranger tosses the beetle disc into the sky.  He uses his Spin Sword to fire at it and it transforms into the Beetle zord.  Dreadhead is surprised to see another zord.  The Beetle zord lands in front of Samurai Megazord.  Pink Ranger thinks it's so cool that a zord came out of that disc.  Red Ranger jumps off Samurai Megazord and enters the Beetle zord.  The Beetle zord heads straight towards Dreadhead.  Dreadhead fires at Beetle zord.  Beetle zord takes several hits, but keeps heading towards Dreadhead.  Beetle zord's pinchers grabs a hold of Dreadhead's foot and flips him over.  Dreadhead lands hard on the ground.  Dreadhead gets back up and summons several giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers prepare to fire several arrows at Samurai Megazord and Beetle zord.  Beetle zord fires at them before they have a chance to fire.  Red Ranger declares now the real battle begins.  The Beetle zord combines with the Samurai Megazord to form Beetle Blaster Megazord.  The Moogers and Dreadhead are destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

The Rangers just defeated Negatron with the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Negatron returned in a few moments, giant size.  The Rangers summon their folding zords and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Negatron turns his back towards the Megazord.  There are three eyes on his back and he calls out Three Eye Zapazoid.  The energy hits the Samurai Megazord hard.  Yellow Ranger suggests they divide and conquer.  Yellow Ranger separates her Ape Zord from the Samurai Megazord.  Negatron uses his sword to strike the Samurai Megazord, but Ape Zord had already detached itself and Negatron missed.  Green Ranger has the leg of Samurai Megazord kick Negatron.  Negatron is hit hard.  Yellow Ranger asks Green Ranger if he is ready for a combo kick.  Green Ranger is ready.  Ape Zord flies over to Samurai Megazord and the leg kicks it hard.  Ape Zord flies over to Negatron.  Negatron protects himself with the blade of his sword, but Ape Zord still does damage to him.  Ape Zord reconnects to Samurai Megazord.  Red Ranger leaves the cockpit to summon Beetle Zord.  Negatron sees Beetle Zord and shouts stop bugging me!  Beetle Zord connects with the Megazord to form Beetle Blaster Megazord.  Negatron throws insults to Beetle Blaster Megazord, but it has no effect.  Beetle Blaster Megazord blasts Negatron.  Beetle Blaster Megazord uses it's sword to strike Negatron several times.  Despite being hit several times, Negatron continues with the insults.  Beetle Cannon Strike is used and Negatron is destroyed.

The Rangers had been battling Dayu.  They fired the Five Disc Beetle Cannon, when suddenly, a mysterious figure leaps in and blocks the blast.  The mysterious figure tells Red Ranger they will dual soon.  Then the mysterious figure grabs a hold of Dayu and leaps up onto a cliff.  The mysterious figure summons several giant Moogers.  The rest Rangers summon their zords and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Beetle zord is summon and Beetle Blaster Megazord is quickly formed.  Beetle Blaster Megazord battles the Moogers.  Beetle Blaster Megazord strikes a couple of Moogers with it's sword.  Beetle Blaster Megazord fires it's cannon.  Several Moogers are destroyed.  Two of the remaining Moogers grab a hold of Beetle Blaster Megazord and jam their controls.  Yellow Ranger exclaims, we can't break free!  Two more Moogers leap into the air and strike Beetle Blaster Megazord with their weapons.  Green Ranger exclaims, we're stuck!  Pink Ranger tells Red Ranger, we got to change things up fast.  Red Ranger agrees.  Samurai Megazord blasts and breaks free of the four giant Moogers.  Blue Ranger summons Swordfish zord.  Swordfish zord launches it's torpedoes.  It destroys one of the Moogers. Swordfish Fencer Megazord is formed.  The Rangers call out, Megablade, strike position!  When the sword is in position, the Rangers call out, Swordfish Slash!  The three remaining Moogers are destroyed. 

The Rangers had been battling Desperaino with the Samurai Megazord, but with Desperaino's aerial attacks, it was not enough.  Red Ranger thinks it's risky, but it's time to try the Battle Wing combination.  Blue Ranger is ready and pulls out the Swordfish disc.  Red Ranger snaps down the Tiger disc.  Pink Ranger pulls out the Beetle disc and tells Green Ranger to take it.  Green Ranger is surprised.  Pink Ranger tells him, from what I've seen of your symbol power, you'll use it better than me.  Green Ranger tells Pink Ranger she is a true friend as he takes the Beetle disc.  Beetle Zord, Tiger Zord, and Swordfish Zord are summon.  The three zords race towards Desperaino.  Green Ranger enters Beetle Zord, Red Ranger enters Tiger Zord, and Blue Ranger enters the Swordfish Zord.  Red Ranger gives the command for the three zords to combine.  Samurai Battlewing is formed.  Desperaino is surprised to see they have turned into a bird.  He tells them, you would be wise to fly away, bird brains.  Desperaino fires his weapon at Samurai Battlewing.  Despite himself, Desperaino is impressed with how quickly Samurai Battlewing avoids his blasts.  Samurai Battlewing and Desperaino fly towards each other and Samurai Battlewing lands a blow on Desperaino.  Desperaino goes after Samurai Battlewing, firing his weapon and missing.  Desperaino accidentally bumps into a building.  Red Ranger gives the command for the vortex spin!  Red Ranger has Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger fire at Desperaino with their zords.  Desperaino is hit.  Samurai Battlewing then uses the vortex spin to strike Desperaino.  Desperaino's propeller on top of his head is knocked off.  Samurai Battlewing uses charging flash for another strike.  As Desperaino falls towards the ground, he is hit and destroyed.     

Giant Moogers and normal size Moogers were attacking the city.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger were on the ground battling the normal size Moogers with their Spin Swords.  Green Ranger was in his Beetle Zord.  Blue Ranger was in his Swordfish Zord and Red Ranger in his Tiger Zord.  Beetle Zord, Swordfish Zord, and Tiger Zord race through the city.  Green Ranger:  Kevin, we got giant Moogers dead ahead.  Blue Ranger:  Yeah, it's time to team up.  Green Ranger:  Sounds like a plan.  Let's do it Jayden.  Red Ranger:  Zords combine!  Samurai Battlewing!  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Red Ranger:  Samurai Battlewing!  We are united!  Samurai Battlewing flies towards the giant Moogers.  Red Ranger:  Punch it!  Samurai Battlewing fires and the giant Moogers are destroyed.  Blue Ranger:  Yeah!  Green Ranger:  Doing it!  Blue Ranger:  Booyah!  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger helped Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle the Moogers on ground.  Eventually the Moogers were destroyed. 

The Rangers had been battling Robtish.  They defeated him with the Five Disc Tiger Cannon.  Robtish grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their folding zords. Samurai Megazord is formed.  Robtish summons flying Moogers.  The flying Moogers fly straight towards Samurai Megazord.  Green Ranger can't believe they can fly now too.  The flying Moogers fired at Samurai Megazord.  Robtish attacks Samurai Megazord as well.  The Rangers are having a difficult time as they are caught between them.  Green Ranger suggests the Samurai Battlewing.  Blue Ranger has an even better idea.  We should combine the Samurai Battlewing with the Megazord.  Yellow Ranger wonders if that is possible?  Blue Ranger pulls out his sketch book and passes the sheets to the rest of the Rangers. Red Ranger decides to let Blue Ranger take the lead.  Beetle Zord, Swordfish Zord, and Tiger Zord are summon and Samurai Battlewing is formed.  Samurai Battlewing fires at Robtish.  Robtish falls to the ground.  Red Ranger looks over the sketches and concludes it's an air strike combination.  The Rangers create the symbol power and Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Blue Ranger is very excited over the new Megazord.  Red Ranger is impressed.  Robtish gets back up.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Yellow Ranger can't believe they are flying.  Robtish commands the flying Moogers to attack.  The flying Moogers fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers there are Moogers on their tail.  The Battlewing Megazord pulls up.  The flying Moogers continue to fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Battlewing Megazord flies through the Moogers, firing at them.  Battlewing Megazord battles several of the Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord knocks several of the Moogers out of the sky.  Soon Battlewing Megazord flies after the remaining Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed.  Battlewing Megazord faces Robtish, who thought they had flown the coop.  Red Ranger states, looks like we saved the worst for last.  Robtish charges towards Battlewing Megazord with his sword.  Robtish and Battlewing Megazord battle.  After a couple of strikes, Blue Ranger suggests they fly up, so they can take him down.  Battlewing Megazord flies up into the air.  Battlewing Megazord flies towards Robtish and strikes him hard.  Robtish is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord.

The Rangers had been battling Vulpes, but were having a difficult time and were soon demorph.  Antonio arrived and morphed into the Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger battled and defeated Vulpes with his Barracuda Blade.  Within a few moments, Vulpes was back and giant size.  Beetle Zord and the rest of the zords were summon and Battlewing Megazord was formed.  Gold Ranger watches all of this from the ground and he is impressed.  Vulpes vanishes using his Vulpes' veil.  Battlewing Megazord looks around to see where he went and gets struck from behind.  Blue Ranger notes, he's still there.  He's just invisible.  Vulpes strikes Battlewing Megazord several times.  Pink Ranger wonders how they are going to defeat him, if they can't even see him.  Green Ranger concludes there must be a way to uncloak him.  Vulpes continues to strike the Battlewing Megazord.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers they better think of something quick.  We don't have much time left.  Vulpes lands hit after hit against Battlewing Megazord.  On the ground, Gold Ranger realizes he needs to help them.  Gold Ranger texts Octozord.  Octozord leaves the fish cart and flies into the sky and then lands beside Battlewing Megazord.  Green Ranger notes that's not something you see every day.  Red Ranger mutters, it can't be.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and leaps inside Octozord.  Octozord flies into the air once more.  Green Ranger can't believe Gold Ranger has a zord too.  Yellow Ranger wonders if he really could be one of us?  Red Ranger recognizes the Octozord, but asks himself, how?  Octozord flies towards Vulpes.  Gold Ranger instructs his zord to use it's ink cloud.  Octozord spreads it's ink cloud and soon Vulpes is revealed.  Vulpes is not happy.  Octozord lands on Vulpes' head and strikes it with it's tentacles.  After several strikes, Octozord flies away.  Pink Ranger notes, now's our chance.  Blue Ranger agrees, time to finish him.  Pink Ranger notices Red Ranger is lost in thought and calls out his name.  Red Ranger comes out of his trance and tells his team, let's do this.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Battlewing Megazord uses it's flying slash, final strike.  Vulpes is destroyed.

The previous day, the Rangers had battled Splitface.  During the battle, Splitface had taken Yellow Samurai Power Ranger's spirit, along with fifty-three other citizens.  Splitface retreated to the Netherworld because if he was defeated within twenty-four hours, the spirits would be released.  Antonio, with help from Mia, Jayden, Mike, and Kevin, was able to activate Clawzord to it's full potential with the power symbol live.  Gold Ranger had also, in the previous battle, marked Splitface with the power symbol live, and when Clawzord was activated, Splitface was drawn out of the Netherworld.  The five Rangers battle Splitface once more and this time they defeated him, but Splitface returned in mega monster form.  Without the Yellow Ranger, the Rangers were unable to form the Samurai Megazord.  Gold Ranger went into battle with Clawzord and then later transform into Claw Battlezord.  Gold Ranger was doing well against Splitface until Splitface summon several giant Moogers.  Soon four Moogers have Claw Battlezord West trapped within their spears.  Red Ranger notes that Antonio needs their help.  Blue Ranger summons Dragon zord, Red Ranger summons Lion zord, and Green Ranger summons Bear zord, so that they can go into mega mode.  The three Rangers leap into their zords and then summon Beetle zord, Swordfish zord, and Tiger zord.  Beetle zord, Swordfish zord, and Tiger zord form into Samurai Battlewing.  Samurai Battlewing fires at the Moogers.  Gold Ranger shouts thanks as Samurai Battlewing flies away.  Claw Battlezord South battles and destroys the Moogers.  Eventually Splitface is destroyed by Claw Battlezord and the spirits are released. 

The Rangers had been battling giant Moogers with Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord East.  Green Ranger spots more Moogers seeping out of a gap.  This group of Moogers fly towards them.  Green Ranger notes, they are not kidding around today.  The flying Moogers fire at Claw Battlezord East and Samurai Megazord.  Blue Ranger can't believe there are more Moogers.  Samurai Megazord is hit several times and Yellow Ranger notes they are sitting ducks.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, they got to take action now!  Red Ranger agrees, we must control the sky.  Beetle Zord, Tiger Zord, and Swordfish Zord are summon and Samurai Battlewing is formed.  Samurai Battlewing takes to the sky.  Claw Battlezord East battles the giant Moogers on the ground and knocks a couple to the ground.  The flying Moogers fire at Samurai Battlewing.  Samurai Battlewing strikes several of the flying Moogers with it's sword, knocking them out of the sky and the flying Moogers retreat.  The giant Moogers on the ground continue their attack on Claw Battlezord East.  Gold Ranger notes, they want some more.  Remember these claws can handle you!  Gold Ranger activates the mega blade.  Claw Battlezord East strikes the Moogers several times with it's claws.  The Moogers are destroyed.     

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