At Shiba House, Jayden, Antonio, Mia, Kevin, Mike, and Emily sat around the coffee table.  Mentor Ji stood by.  On the table, was a bowl that was covered.  Sitting in the bowl of water was Clawzord.  Antonio:  Behold!  Antonio removes the cover.  Antonio:  This is our new and improved friend, the Clawzord.  Jayden:  Where did you get this?  Mentor Ji:  The Clawzord was battle damaged years ago, so I hid it away.  Antonio:  Mentor ask me to perform a bit of my tech whiz magic.  Jayden was surprised and glanced at Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji leaned down and confided:  I wanted to see if he could actually do it.  Antonio:  It's pretty simple.  Antonio held his morpher over Clawzord.  Antonio:  I text over some samurai power symbols to reprogram him.  Clawzord will be back in business.

Antonio was fishing by the river bank.  Clawzord was in his fishing cart and listening to Antonio as he talked.  Antonio:  "Come on!  Fish!  Bite!  Of all the days for the bass to be hiding."  Antonio glanced over at Clawzord.  Antonio:  "They're Emily's favorite.  She was so cool and she accepted me right into the group from the start.  I just want to capture an awesome gift for her birthday tomorrow."  Clawzord made some sounds.  Antonio:  "That's right little buddy.  I'll get you p and running at full speed in no time.  You can come to her birthday party too!"  Clawzord made sounds in response.  That evening, Antonio walked along a path,  Earlier there had been a battle with Splitface and Emily's spirit had been taken.  If they couldn't defeat Splitface within twenty-four hours, Emily would stay asleep forever.  Antonio:  "I won't let this happen to Emily."  Antonio found a spot and sat down.  Clawzord clambered out and made some sounds.  Antonio pulls out his morpher and tired to power symbol with it.  Antonio:  "Samurai symbol live!"  The symbol hit Clawzord and he fizzled with for a moment and then returned to normal.  Antonio:  "Oh man, so close."  Clawzord made sounds of agreement.  The next morning, Antonio went back to Shiba House, where Mentor Ji informed him that the rest of the teens were in Panorama City.  Antonio quickly found them, before Jayden, Mia, Mike, and Kevin were about to go through a gap.  Antonio excitedly tells them, I think I may be able to draw that Nighlok back through the gap.  Mike wants to know how?  Antonio answers, it will take a lot of symbol power.  He walks back to his cart and lifts the lid.  Clawzord pops out.  Antonio concludes, and the Clawzord.  Antonio programs the live symbol into his morpher.  Mia, Jayden, Kevin, and Mike have their Spin Swords ready.  They all give the command symbol power live!  The symbols hit Clawzord and he grows bigger.  Antonio tells his friends, again!  All five repeat the process and Clawzord gets even larger.  Antonio yells more!  We need more symbol power to fully activate!  Once more the teens strike Clawzord with the symbol power live.  Clawzord gets even bigger.  Antonio, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, and Mike continue to use the power symbol live on Clawzord.  Clawzord becomes very big.  Splitface comes back through the gap, flies towards Clawzord.  Clawzord strikes Splitface and he hits a wall and lands on the pavement.  Splitface asks, what's going on?  Splitface glances at Clawzord and asks what is that?  Antonio answers, my buddy Clawzord.  And he's new in town.  Splitface is confused, but I was in the Netherworld.  How did you get me here?  Antonio answers once more.  It's simple.  When we came in contact, I mark you with a symbol.  The same symbol I've been working with to program the Clawzord.  Splitface is stunned.  What?!  You marked me!  Antonio replies, yeah, and after I finished programming Clawzord, I just needed the other Rangers to help me activate it.  Once we did that, I knew you would be drawn out of the Netherworld just like a magnet.  And it worked like a charm.  Splitface is outrage.  I refuse to believe you can beat me like this.  No! No! No!  Mike tells him to shut up.  You're going to pay for what you did to Emily.  Mia adds, it's time to end this.  Kevin tells Splitface, we're going to take back every spirit you have stolen.  Jayden concludes, enough talk and pulls out his Samuraizer.  Antonio pulls out his morpher and declares, it's time to light you up!  Splitface prepares to blast them.  Mia, Mike, Antonio, Jayden, and Kevin morph.  The Rangers leap through the blast.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade against Splitface.  Splitface calls out body swarm, but nothing happens.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  He wonders why he can't do the body swarm.  Gold Ranger tells him to get with the program.  You've been marked.  Splitface tells the Rangers he is marking all of them for demolition.  Green Ranger tells Splitface it's time to pay.  Splitface replies, no it's not.  Splitface leaps away.  Blue Ranger declares you won't get away this time!  Blue Ranger uses his Hydro Bow against Splitface.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan.  Both weapons hit Splitface and knocked him back down to the pavement.  Green Ranger charges with his Forest Spear and strikes Splitface with it.  Red Ranger charges towards Splitface with his Fire Smasher and strikes Splitface with it.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  The Rangers are thrilled, but the moment doesn't last long.  Splitface goes into mega monster mode.  Pink Ranger notes without Emily, they can't combine into a Megazord.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, leave it to me.  Clawzord and I will close this deal.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and enters Clawzord.  Clawzord charges towards Splitface.  Splitface uses it's eyes to try and blast Clawzord, but Clawzord keeps coming.  Gold Ranger decides it's time to use the pincher claws.  Clawzord, with it's pincher claws, strikes Splitface several times.  Clawzord then grabs a hold of Splitface and holds him up in the air before tossing him.  Splitface crashes down, but soon gets back up.  Green Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger watch the battle from the ground.  Splitface declares, enough fooling around!  Splitface summons several giant Moogers.  Clawzord uses it's claw spinners to battle the giant Moogers.  Gold Ranger calls for Clawzord's transformation.  Clawzord forms into Clawzord Battlezord East.  The battle continues, with Splitface summoning several giant Moogers.  Eventually Clawzord Battlezord, with help from Samurai Battle Wing destroys the Moogers and Splitface.

The Rangers raced into Panorama City and immediately notice the giant Moogers attacking.  Gold Ranger:  "Six, no seven!"  Green Ranger:  "Whoa!  At once!"  Yellow Ranger notices something else.  Yellow Ranger:  "Down there!  Look!  The Sanzu River is seeping through!"  Red Ranger:  "Let's go!"  Red Ranger:  "Samuraizers!"  All:  "Go!"  Red Ranger:  "Lion Folding Zord!"  Blue Ranger:  "Dragon Folding Zord!"  Green Ranger:  "Bear Folding Zord!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Ape Folding Zord!"  Pink Ranger:  "Turtle Folding Zord!" The zords arrived.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Mega mode power!"  The Rangers leap into their zords.  Gold Ranger:  "Samurai morpher!  Gold power!"  Gold Ranger looks at his morpher.  Gold Ranger:  "Clawzord, I need you now!"  Clawzord leaves the fishing cart.  Octozord peeks out.  Gold Ranger:  "Octozord, you're coming too."  Octozord leaves the fishing cart.  The two zords join the rest of the zords as they race along.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Zords combine!  Battlewing Megazord!  Armed for battle!"  Gold Ranger leaps into Clawzord.  Gold Ranger:  "Mega mode power!  Clawzord transformation!  Let's switch this up!  Let's see what we catch today!"  Gold Ranger spins the device.  Gold Ranger:  "Fantastico!  Claw Battlezord North!  Ready!"  Eventually Claw Battlezord North and Battle Wing Megazord destroy the Moogers.

The Rangers had been battling Arachnitor and several Moogers.  They struck Arachnitor down with a powerful Quintuple Slash.  Arachnitor goes flying, hits broken concrete and lands on the ground.  Arachnitor still gets back up, but this time he takes off.  Gold Ranger points out that Arachnitor is getting away.  The Rangers are about to chase after him when several giant Moogers emerged from a gap.  Yellow Ranger comments, this isn't good.  The Rangers summon their zords.  When they arrive, Samurai Megazord is formed.  Gold Ranger summons Clawzord.  Once it arrives, Gold Ranger leaps inside and transforms Clawzord into Claw Battlezord East.  Claw Battlezord East and Samurai Megazord, and eventually Samurai Battle Wing battle and defeat the Moogers.  But Arachnitor has slipped away.

The Blue And The Gold

Team Spirit





The Tengen Gate/Boxed In


Claw Battlezord