When they were very young, Antonio and Jayden were good friends and enjoyed playing together.  Antonio enjoyed chasing after Octozord at the Shiba House.  Soon Jayden joined him in the fun.  After awhile, there was the sound of a car horn.  Antonio's father had come to pick him up.  Antonio was leaving for good and was very sad about it.  Antonio was about to walk away when Jayden stopped him.  Jayden tells him he's got a going away present for him.  But it's our secret, alright?  Jayden gives Antonio Octozord.  Antonio is thrilled.  Jayden tells Antonio to remember they will always be friends, no matter how far away they are from each other.  Antonio vows that he will keep training and when you become Red Ranger, I'll come back and be a Samurai Ranger too.  They shake on it by linking their pinkies. Antonio leaves with Octozord flying along beside him.  Years later, a lone young man is walking along the beach, pulling a fishing cart.  He pauses when he sees the city ahead of him.  Antonio:  Finally!  I have arrived!  Wait till they get a load of me!  This will be golden baby!  Octozord peeks out from the fishing cart.  Antonio:  Not yet buddy.  Antonio closes the lid and then gazes at the city.  Later, Antonio finds his golden moment to reveal himself as the Gold Ranger to Mia, Emily, Mike, Jayden, and Kevin.  Gold Ranger battled and defeated Vulpes, but Vulpes grew to giant size. Gold Ranger watched as the Rangers summon their zords and formed Battlewing Megazord.  Vulpes vanishes using his Vulpes' veil.  Battlewing Megazord looks around to see where he went and gets struck from behind.  Vulpes strikes Battlewing Megazord several times.  Gold Ranger realizes he needs to help them.  Gold Ranger texts Octozord.  Octozord leaves the fish cart and flies into the sky and then lands beside Battlewing Megazord.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and leaps inside Octozord.  Octozord flies into the air once more.  Gold Ranger instructs his zord to use it's ink cloud.  Octozord spreads it's ink cloud and soon Vulpes is revealed.  Vulpes is not happy.  Octozord lands on Vulpes' head and strikes it with it's tentacles.  After several strikes, Octozord flies away.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Battlewing Megazord uses it's flying slash, final strike.  Vulpes is destroyed.

In the city, Antonio is fixing his hair and dressed in a suit.  Octozord peeks out from the fishing cart.  He asks Octozord, how do I look?  He doesn't get a response, but that's okay with Antonio.  He concludes it's time for him to go to the Shiba House and join the Samurai Rangers.  It did not go well as it was decided Antonio was not really a Samurai.  Antonio returned to the docks.   He looks out over the ocean.  Octozord is peeking out from the fishing cart.  Antonio comments, Mentor Ji and Jayden say they don't need me.  And they took away my Samurai Morpher.  What was I thinking anyway?  I could never be a real samurai.  Mike and Emily walk up.  Mike shouts out a hey!  Antonio is not happy to see them.  He slams the lid on his fish cart and walks over to them.  He asks them, what do you guys want?  Mike replies, we came to talk to you, dude.  They all end up back at Shiba House, where they convince Jayden to let Antonio join the team.  Antonio is accepted as the sixth Samurai Ranger.  The Rangers battle Steeleto.  Gold Ranger and Red Ranger defeated it with their Barracuda Blade and Spin Sword.  Within a few moments, Steeleto returned giant sized.  The Rangers form Samurai Megazord quickly.  Steeleto charges towards Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Steeleto battle.  Steeleto makes several strikes against Samurai Megazord.  Steeleto uses his full body blades against Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord falls to the ground.  Gold Ranger has been watching the battle from the ground and he is not happy.  Gold Ranger summons Octozord.  Octozord sprays ink into Steeleto's face.  Gold Ranger leaps into Octozord.  Inside Samurai Megazord, Pink Ranger points out to Red Ranger, that if Octozord originally belong to your family...Red Ranger realizes where she is going and tells her good thinking.  Gold Ranger has heard the conversation as well.  Octospear Megazord is formed by combining Octozord with Samurai Megazord.  Gold Ranger is thrilled to be in the cockpit of a Megazord.  Steeleto is ready to use his full body blade against Octospear Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's spear thrust against Steeleto several times.  The move cuts off all of Steeleto's blades. Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Steeleto.  Steeleto freezes up.  Octospear Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Steeleto and Steeleto is destroyed.  Red Ranger is about to use his usual speech when Gold Ranger interrupts him by telling him this calls for a fish fiesta when we get home.  Gold Ranger is thrilled with their victory.  Gold Ranger notes the lack of enthusiasm from Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  Yellow Ranger tells them, come on guys!  The other Rangers perk up.  Gold Ranger exclaims, let's celebrate.  Red Ranger does his line, Samurai Rangers, victory is ours.

The Rangers had been battling Antberry and defeated him.  Within a few moments, Antberry is back and giant size.  The Rangers go into mega mode power.  Gold Ranger summons his Octozord.  The rest of the Rangers summon their zords.  The Rangers enter their zords.  Samurai Megazord is formed.  Blue Ranger asks Gold Ranger to join them.  Gold Ranger replies, with pleasure.  Octospear Megazord is formed.  Octospear Megazord and Antberry battle.  Octospear Megazord knocks Antberry's weapon out of his hands.  Antberry uses his Sanzu slime against Octospear Megazord.  Octozord slips off of the Megazord and lands in Antberry's arms.  Antberry laughs at them.  Gold Ranger yells, hey, hands off my Octozord!  Gold Ranger instructs Octozord to use it's ink cloud, which it does.  Octozord is able to break free and rejoin the Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Antberry.  Antberry freezes up.  Octospear Megazord summons it's electric spear.  Octospear Megazord strikes Antberry with it's electric spear.  Antberry is destroyed. 

The Rangers raced into Panorama City and immediately notice the giant Moogers attacking.  Gold Ranger:  "Six, no seven!"  Green Ranger:  "Whoa!  At once!"  Yellow Ranger notices something else.  Yellow Ranger:  "Down there!  Look!  The Sanzu River is seeping through!"  Red Ranger:  "Let's go!"  Red Ranger:  "Samuraizers!"  All:  "Go!"  Red Ranger:  "Lion Folding Zord!"  Blue Ranger:  "Dragon Folding Zord!"  Green Ranger:  "Bear Folding Zord!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Ape Folding Zord!"  Pink Ranger:  "Turtle Folding Zord!" The zords arrived.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Mega mode power!"  The Rangers leap into their zords.  Gold Ranger:  "Samurai morpher!  Gold power!"  Gold Ranger looks at his morpher.  Gold Ranger:  "Clawzord, I need you now!"  Clawzord leaves the fishing cart.  Octozord peeks out.  Gold Ranger:  "Octozord, you're coming too."  Octozord leaves the fishing cart.  The two zords join the rest of the zords as they race along.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Zords combine!  Battlewing Megazord!  Armed for battle!"  Gold Ranger leaps into Clawzord.  Gold Ranger:  "Mega mode power!  Clawzord transformation!  Let's switch this up!  Let's see what we catch today!"  Gold Ranger spins the device.  Gold Ranger:  "Fantastico!  Claw Battlezord North!  Ready!"  The giant Moogers have both Megazords surrounded.  Gold Ranger:  "Whoa!  Is this a Mooger family reunion?"  Red Ranger:  "Antonio, focus!"  Gold Ranger:  "I am.  I'm going to go for the high score.  Hey, who wants their butt kicked first?"  The Moogers charged towards the Megazords.  Red Ranger:  "Let's get to work.  Now!"  Claw Battlezord North battles several Moogers.  Gold Ranger:  "Hey, careful where you point that thing!"  Claw Battlezord North knocks down two Moogers.  Gold Ranger:  "Golden baby!  Yeah!"  More Moogers charge towards Claw Battlezord North.  Gold Ranger:  "Aww, these guys keep coming!"  Battlewing Megazord is battling another batch of Moogers.  Red Ranger:  "Got them!"  More Moogers seeps between two buildings and arrive to fight.  This set of Moogers fly through the air and fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Green Ranger:  "Oh man, the flying ones freak me out!"  Red Ranger:  "Not a problem!"  Battlewing Megazord takes to the skies.  Red Ranger:  "It's time for these flyboys to get their wings clipped!"  The flying Moogers continue to fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Battlewing Megazord flies towards the Moogers and knocked them out of the sky with it's sword.  Claw Battlezord North continues the battle on the ground with another batch of Moogers.  Gold Ranger:  "Let's finish this!  Octospear charge!"  Claw Battlezord North with the Octospear fires and destroys several Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord continues the battle in the sky and destroys more Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord lands on the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Megablade!"  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Activate!  Katana power!  Final strike!"  The remaining Moogers are destroyed.  Red Ranger:  "Samurai Rangers, victory is ours!"  Gold Ranger:  "Our team is as good as gold!"

Unexpected Arrival





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